Marathon Friend’s Running Tips – Alvin Balderama and Eugene Yasay

The first two parts of our series of Marathon Friend’s Running Tips highlighted the power of positivity, home-made gels and toilet strategies! Now we hear from our trail running pal Alvin from Pimco Sporting Events and Eugene.

Marathon friends_Eugene

Advise from Eugene – Weigh Less and Run More!:

Marathon 2: 2014 Milo Marathon Manila Elimination – Time: 3:52:12

“Lesson: I am lucky that Milo made the qualifying time easier this year so I was able to qualify. I finished with a sub -4 time but I realized that my 8 months training is not enough, specially after 2 years of running hiatus. Since I am an experienced marathoner I thought it would be easy for me but I was wrong. I am 7 pounds heavier than my racing weight and it forced to add mileage in my 8 weeks training so I felt pain in my shin few days before the race day. My plan is to reduce my weight by following the Primed Lifestyle and stick with the 16-week training plan that I am used to so hopefully I can finish stronger for the Milo finals in December and beat you.”

Advise from Alvin – Sleep and Teamwork:

MSIG Saikung HK50 series (50K) Trail Run, March 1, 2014, Pak Tam Chung, Saikung, Hong Kong – Time: 8:05:49.

“The MSIG Saikung HK50 series trail route is one of the toughest 50K Trail route in Asia with extreme elevation. The trail is brutal with the assault including boulders to boulders, sand trail, forested trail, rocky road, very steep stairs, downhill and uphill, and never ending mountain trails. Sleep well before you race. I did only power nap of 10 min before the gun start because we arrive in HK late at night. My PR is a disaster because I helped a Filipina Runner from KM 21 up to the Finish line because she is injured. The true spirit of a runner is to help other runners in need.”

Alvin trail running1

The Final Word from Chad:

The world famous singer Frank Sinatra once joked that a friend in need is a pest! A friend in need is your opportunity to show your true character. This is exactly what Alvin did during his International trail running event and encapsulates the true spirit of the running fiends who have been kind enough to share their marathon lessons. Thanks to Berns Tan, Karen Reimann, Raul Concepcion, Alvin Balderama and Eugene Yasay.

Please share your marathon lessons with us here. Happy running.

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