Fight cv with nitric oxide release via the sun or nitric oxide release exercise.

I do my Nitric Oxide release daily. See YouTube video here.

From chapter 3 of my book The Primed Life. “The sun prevents high blood pressure and protects kidneys from high uric acid. Hence, the sun helps blood flow to all your vital organs especially brain and heart. Blood initially comes to the surface of your skin (dermal pooling) via nitric oxide. This nitric oxide release is beneficial to our body.

It is a fun 4 minute exercise called Nitric Oxide Dump / Release.

It is like this:

1. 10 reps of squats. Best done semi-naked on the beach. Always with nose breathing only.

2. 10 reps of each arm of standing marching with just my arms;

3. 10 reps of arm swing like a clock; and

Photo credits for above cool photos to Lindy Allen from Living Proof Media.

See their cool fb page here.

4. 10 reps of celebrate by pushing arms towards the sky.

Do these exercise with your mouth closed so as to breathe only through your nose.

Start with just one set but build towards 3 or 4 or 5 as you become stronger. You can do these any time throughout your day.

You can also do 20 reps per set instead of 10.

Best to be done barefoot and in the sun. Facing the sun. Smiling. Aware of your surroundings. Mindful of all the beauty around you (hopefully).

Remember to Breathe through your nose only. Very good for you and so easy to do. I never exercise indoors any more and just do simple outdoor fun things like this:

Dr. Zach Bush is the doc who actually delivered lots of babies here in the Philippines. He subscribes to Primed principles.

I also do my Nitric Oxide Release whilst vco oil pulling for great oral health.

We often do our nitric oxide release before doing our cold thermogenesis and positivity session. This fun exercise makes going into the 12 degree Celsius water a lot easier.

One thought on “Fight cv with nitric oxide release via the sun or nitric oxide release exercise.”

  1. Thanks Chad. 💙
    Yes. I always do these now before I jump in. 😁 (I think they do help. I can’t imagine jumping in without them really.) I also added them as a warm up to my resistance training workout. Where else can you add these?

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