Primed Nimfa knows #brownskinrocks. Nimfa is energized and loving her fun Primed lifestyle.

So proud and happy for Primed Nimfa.

Nimfa is my former student at Enderun Colleges in Manila in around 2006.

*** Primed Nimfa has:

(1) Much improved sleep (critical to your health);

(2) More positive thoughts and moods;

(3) A lot more energy;

(4) Given up most alcohol;

(5) Been getting great comments on her vibrant and browner skin;

(6) Is loving her eggs and seafood nutrition; and

(7) Is loving her fun Primed lifestyle of chasing the sun and nature.


About the Primed Lifestyle:

Hi, I am Chad. Feel free to email me at or Skype at primedforyourlife

I have helped tens of thousands as a wellness coach and would love to help you.

My book The Primed Life is available on Amazon here:

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