Acts of Random Kindness ROCK. So good for YOUR health. Share your ARK and I’ll send an email copy of my book to two people chosen randomly.

Meet Ben. A super cool and friendly guy that Sam and I met whilst enjoying our picnic in the sun 🌞 one day. I gave him some suggestions on Cold Thermogenesis (chapter 13 of my book) which he then adopted.

He now spends longer in the chilly water from the neck down (not waist). Ben also knows cold skin absorbs more light. He is loving it and said he feels stronger. Cool.

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #coldthermogenesis #actofrandomkindness

I met two fabulous Filipinos on the beach at @stkildabeach today. We had a great chat about the Philippines 🇵🇭, the tropics, brown skin and dark eye 👁 color, sunglasses 😎 and cold thermogenesis.

The Filipino flag 🇵🇭 has the sun on it. The Philippines is in the tropics. Filipinos have tropical DNA, skin and eyes 👀.

Sunglasses are not something I will ever wear again. Definitely never toxic sunscreen. I would not give either to my enemy (I think I have no enemies). 😃

#brownskinrocks✨🌟✨🌟✨ #dopamine #actofrandomkindness #tropicalfilipino #sunislife🌞

Acts of Random Kindness to me

I love Zina and Soly. They are my cool friends. We love doing cold thermogenesis together.

* Zina made me feel amazing when she shared her feelings with me. She expressed her gratitude to me and her appreciation of my character.

*** I felt so happy and proud. I still do. Big big smiles.

Meet my amazing friend Luay. He is a super talented music teacher. He brings the most amazing tea for us to share every Cold Thermogenesis session we have. It is so delicious. So gratefully accepted by all.

Luay even gave me this fabulous box of tea that I am loving. I enjoyed it last night as I finished creating my The Primed Life book into an easy email format for people. I will give Luay a copy of my book. He is also writing a book on musical improvisation.

Luay used to wear sunglasses but now knows better.


About the sun:

    We have vitamin D (is actually hormone D) receptors in EVERY cell in our body INCLUDING our eyes.

  • Helps with sleep with morning sun in your eyes  and on your skin helping to set your circadian rhythm. The sun helps you sleep. Sleep = life = sleep.

  • Sets biological clock through your eye clock for proper timely hormonal cascade daily. The sun’s light creates melatonin in the morning for release at night.

Fabulous Jasmine Speers DJ and Stef bought my book. They also gave it the thumbs up and said it was very good. So happy.

My great buddy George gave me the most fabulous Lebanese extra virgin olive oil. It is magnificent. I returned serve by giving him a Primed centrifuged organic virgin coconut oil and Primed seafood and veg Kinilaw with the Lebanese extra virgin olive oil inside the dish.

Judy is a cool character and lots of fun.

Judy is part of our cold thermogenesis and positivity possee.

We have been doing CT together for over a year at St. Kilda beach. Judy shared some wonderfully powerful words to me about what she likes about my character. She mentioned my positive nature and that I do what I say I will do. Once you have Primed energy you have more energy to share with your friends.


Hi Peter Bort. I had to write your name in twice to my gratitude journal today. You were already in on Monday.

Thank you you so much Peter for introducing me to Michael as his potential wellness coach. I really apppreciate it.

*** I need a bigger gratitude journal. The more grateful and positive I am the more joy and rewards I receive.

My motto is Grateful always and Positive ALWAYS.

Also B.E.D. = Better Every Day. 🙂



Matt Squires has been my friend for many years through my former Enderun Colleges student Nicole Sena.

*** Matt said that his best gift to his International SOS Manila staff was the whole day Primed seminar / workshop we conducted. Matt is always quick to share positive words to me. I love and appreciate that.

I love my great buddy Etel and her hubby Francesco. I gave Etel a copy of my book over 1 year ago. She loves it and has bought over 10 to give as gifts to the ones she loves.

Kerryn Whiting in Queensland bought my book and is always quick to send a positive message to me to help make me smile.

Sometimes your act of random kindness can be as simple as a genuine smile.

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