The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Food like substances to avoid.

20 Food like substances to avoid

I have eaten all of the items below. I will probably eat some of them again.

The Primed Lifestyle is not about being perfect. It is about listening to what is right for your body and brain and doing better.

I do not feel bad that I was duped into thinking Sugarade was good. Or that breakfast cereal with skim milk was ok. On the contrary, I am so happy that I now know better and do better. This book is my way of sharing what I have learned so as to help others.

When considering what you eat remember that you are what you eat ate.

Why eat poor quality stuff when you can eat real food to nourish your body and brain?

  1. TOXIC veg oil – This one is industrial waste repacked so we think it is good. There are no vegetables in vegetable oil. Just garbage that is manufactured in a factory and even bleached (quite often) to take away its rancid smell. It is one to avoid at all costs.
  2. Low-fat anything – The energy is in the quality high fat foods. Here, they take out the energy dense part of the food and add sugar and chemicals. Oh, they also add clever marketing so we think low-fat is good for us. It is not.
  3. Wheat / grains sprayed with poison – The toxic poison called glyphosate is in most grains. Easy to avoid these cheap carbs and eat quality green vegetable carbohydrates and support hard working farmers.
  4. Breakfast cereal – The ingredients are attrocious. Their marketing is very good. Do not fall for their lies.
  5. Sugar – Best avoided. We occasionally use coconut sugar.
  6. Sugar drinks – Often there are up to 20 teaspoons of sugar in these drinks. A healthy body has 1 teaspoon of sugar circulating in our blood. Avoid fruit juices, energy drinks, Starbucks “special frappucinos”, sports drinks etc.
  7. Soy – Generally is GMO and is estrogenic.
  8. Fast food stuff – Generally of no nutritional value and cooked in toxic veg oil so it is a big negative with regards to your body and brain.
  9. Processed meats – Spam, hotdogs and the like are best avoided.
  10. Grain fed meat – You are what you eat ate. Animals fed poisoned grains become sick just like humans do. Then they are pumped full of antibiotics.
  11. Fruits in winter / out of season – Eat seasonally. Simple. Most fruit is a deuterium bomb and best to limit it if in needed of improved health (less deuterium – heavy water – in your body).
  12. Most packet foods – these items are cleverly marketed but are basically industrial waste and cheap stuff assembled to make you addicted to it. They dump in huge amounts of sugar, toxic veg oil, cheap grains, soy, chemicals, additives and other stuff all designed in a lab.
  13. Most canned foods – Try for a glass jar and always check ingredients.
  14. Most Gluten free stuff – Please do not be fooled just because it says gluten free. it might be good but I doubt it. Here it is essential to read what is there in place of the gluten. If it is lots of sugar and other processed stuff then best to avoid.
  15. Food additives – Again, please read all ingredients and do not buy if you do not know what is inside.
  16. Rice – this one fully depends on your context and goals. Rice is low energy and not nutritious so should be avoided / limited by anyone wishing to gain more energy and nutrition. Simple really.
  17. Peanuts and most other legumes – the reason here is their low nutrient density compared to leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables and the fact they are difficult to digest which diverts precious energy to increased digestion.
  18. Corn and white potatoes – these are mostly sugar and GMO and hard to digest in the case of corn.
  19. Chips, crisps and crackers – these are generally sugar in our body, low energy items and packet products with chemicals, additives and other stuff best avoided.
  20. Old food – the fresher the better. Unless Primed vegetable Kinilaw, kimchi and other pickled vegetables.

 Optimal Primed Protocols fake food

My story:

I have eaten all this and enjoyed it. I was ignorant and forgive myself.

Now I know better I do better.

It is easy because I know this fake stuff is not food and does not nourish my body or brain.

I am still not perfect and will never be because I like red wine, ice cream sometimes and European beer on occasions. Not often though.

The cool part is that because I do so much “right” to energize myself and my immune system I now have more wriggle room to make a few calculate “mistakes”.


Arthur had a big job. A big car. A big house. A big TV. A big wife. Big children and a big guts. He was big. Very big. Obese big and a little more. Arthur loved the high life. He ate out a lot for dinner with lots of wine. Arthur stayed up late working or partying. Arthur ate very well with organic foods, grass fed meats, lobster and fruits all year round. If Arthur continued this lifestyle he was definitely heading towards a big heart attack.

Then he got lucky. He lost his big job and along with it his big house, big TV etc.

His family had to move out of the big city to live with his Mother on her farm.

After just 2 years of tending the animals, gardening, working outside and sleeping early Arthur lost his big guts. He also lost his big wife and big children because they became medium sized. They also became energized, healtheir and happier.

Is your dream to be like Arthur with the “high” life and “rich” or Arthur who now lives a great life on the farm and is “wealthy”? Health is wealth.

Picture above includes Bianca Elizalde from my favorite restaurant The Wholesome Table.

Food for thought?:

Great food carries energy and information from your environment that helps your mitochondria. This helps your body and brain of course.

Bad food carries bad energy and bad information that harms your body and brain. Bad food is fake. You are what you eat and what you eat ate. Be real. Support proper hard working farmers. Leave the fake garbage for the fake people. It is no longer good enough for you.

See the light:

Eat some broccoli and there is energy and information there from where it was grown. There is nourishment in terms of electrons, protons and photons. These photons are from the sun which created the vegetable.

Eat some GMO potato chips cooked in toxic vegetable oil and coated with chemicals and you will also be getting light from the factory. There is no natural light but fake light used to help make fake food.

Did you know?:

Most of the stuff mentioned above is highly process and unnatural. It does not nourish your body or brain.

Just because you are chewing and swallowing does not mean you will absorb and digest life giving nutrients.

Our bodies and brains need electrons from the sun, food and ground. Most of the stuff mentioned here is not electrons in your body but anti-nutrient and very harmful.

Take action:

Learn what great foods there are in your environment. Eat seasonally. Learn to love great food. I love seafood, eggs, European cheese, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed meats, nuts and quality vegetables.

Ditch the garbage foods. Simple. Easy actually.

Kitchen 1B Legazpi market

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