The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Tips for improved digestion.

20 Tips for improved digestion

If food is important (it is but lifestyle and environment are more so) then optimally digesting that food is also important.

Here are some tips to optimally assimilate and digest your food.

Always remember that food is energy and information. You should eat to nourish your body and brain.

  1. Ensure your food is seasonally sourced from your location as much as possible. Eating bananas from the Philippines whilst in a Danish winter causes a circadian mismatch and ultimately inflammation.
  2. Avoid upsetting the ph balance of your gut microbiome by not drinking 20 minutes before and after eating. Hot tea can be good though.
  3. Do not eat 3 to 4 hours before sleeping. When sleeping it is best to be utilising your stored energy for repair and regeneration and not diverting the energy to digestion.
  4. Fermented and pickled food are easily digested and good to incorporate in your diet. For great gut health nothing beats the sun on your stomach. See my post on the sun. Chapter 3 in my book The Primed Life.
  5. Eat in a quality and peaceful environment.
  6. Best to eat outside in the natural sunlight and not fake light where possible. Or eat in natural lit areas and not under bright lights.
  7. Sit comfortably and not standing, driving or in a stressed state.
  8. Eat slowing and enjoy your food. Putting your knife and fork down between bites is a good habit to aid this more mindful eating habit.
  9. Give thanks for your food and the people in the supply chain that made your food nourishment possible,
  10. Stop eating once you are full which is easier when eating slowly and when your food is nutrient / energy dense.
  11. Avoid hard to digest foods like legumes, corn and grains.
  12. Eat fruit first is you are healthy enough to handle the deuterium and sugar rich fruits that should only be eaten seasonally by those who are in nature and healthy.
  13. Only eat one bite at a time and chew our food thoroughly. Also eat less often with an emphasis on eating 2 nutrient and energy dense meals during daylight hours.
  14. Eat whole foods that are fresh, energy dense, seasonal and more easily digested.
  15. Enjoy a nice walk after eating your quality nutrition.
  16. Investigate the squatty potty which aids total elimination when pooping. This sees your knees elevated which is conducive to better elimination of your waste.
  17. Seeing digestion starts in your mouth (some say before that with the simple thought of your food) then it makes sense to opt for excellent oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is best achieved by eating fresh, seasonal and natural foods. Oral hygiene is enhanced by Organic Virgin Coconut Oil pulling and is something I do almost daily. VCO is anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and cleans your entire mouth from your gums, teeth, tongue etc.
  18. Stay well hydrated (especially if working indoors on computers because this dehydrates you) because water forms saliva which aids digestion. If you are naturally well hydrated during your day then drinks with your food will not be needed.
  19. Foods that aid digestion include ginger, lemon, fermented foods, bone broth and nutrient dense foods.
  20. Foods that harm digestion include glyphosate poisoned grains, GMO soy, toxic veg oil, low fat stuff, highly processed packet foods, grain fed meats and other fake foods.

 My story:

I am very thankful that my Mum and Dad taught me good table manners which essentially revolve around etiquette / proper dining which lends itself to proper digestion.

The main factor that aided my digestion is not eating food late. Now, while sleeping, my valuable stored energy is aiding my regeneration and is not being diverted to digestion. This gives me more energy for cellular repair and regeneration.

I eat outside whenever I can.



Alfredo always ate his food whilst watching the news or reading the news. Most of this news was bad news and he always had indigestion after eating. He also drank water with his meal becuase he was lazy to drink water otherwise.

Once Alfredo started to consume more quality water outside of meal time ( helping his digestive enzymes work better ) he also developed a habit of praying before eating, talking with his family instead of feeding his gadget addiction and being more conscious of who provided this food to him.

Alfredo no longer has digestion issues and he did not have to swallow the indigestion medicine his doctor wanted to sell him.

Food for thought?:

Would food prepared by someone you love and someone who loves you taste better than if the same food were made by a stranger?  Learn to prepare more of your own food. I have easy recipes and menu plans I can email you. Just ask me at

See the light:

Do you think natural food made from natural sun light like a sweet potato fried in organic coconut oil would be more nutritious and energy dense than a packet of GMO white potato chips made in a factory with chemicals sprinkled on and then packaged into a cool countainer to make it seem real? There is a reason they spend so much money on marketing their stuff as “food”. It is easier to sell to you if you have low dopamine levels due to avoiding the sun. Learn to love natural. Support quality farmers.

Did you know?:

Digestion starts with your thoughts. Think positively about your food and the great, energizing effect it will have on your body and brain. Appreciate the food as well as the FACT that the food is an electro-magnetic bar code of sunlight reflective of the seasonal power density it grew in. Thanks to Dr. Jack Kruse for the wisdom to truly know that all food is energy and information.

Take action:

Give yourself a pat on the back for the excellent optimal digestion habits you have.

Take note of the ways you will improve your digestion with what is written above.

Email Chad at for any fabulous hints on improved digestion that I missed. Remember, by helping someone else you will feel good and be also helping yourself. Now that you are adopting a few Primed habits your improved brain will think of / remember other distive improving methods. Your improved energy flowing through your body will mean you actually email me without just thinking about it.

Advance gratitude for your tip / tips.


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