The Primed Life – Supercharge Your Energy – Introduction

Introduction to The Primed Life- Supercharge your Energy

Welcome to a book on energy and light. This book focuses on energizing your brain and body so you can live a longer, happier life. Energy is life and life is energy. A body without energy has no life.

This is definitely not a science book. It is a book on my own N = 1 (my own self-experiment). That is to say it is about the insights I have learned about myself. It is also about what I have learned from the thousands of successful Primed for your Life clients worldwide.

By becoming a better observer I have garned tremendous insights from the healthy people I see as well as critical lessons from the unhealthy. These insights from people from all walks of life worldwide are imparted within the following pages of this book.

This book is designed to help you become a better observer. To see and feel what your own brain and body need. It is not about what is good for others but what is best for you as you conduct your own N = 1.

It is so your eyes become better at seeing and understanding. I want to light up your world for improved health outcomes. To help you understand the importance of light and energy on your health. It is about what is best for you and your family. What is good for your neighbor might not be good for you.

This is a book about “seeing the light” which is why its working title was 20 / 20 Health Insight.

This book is designed to help you improve the following:

• Energy levels all day

• Immune system functioning

• Sleep

• Brain functioning

• Body functioning

• Overall sense of well-being

• Endurance

• Recovery from your days activities

In summary, this book is a road map for you to improve your brain, body, overall health and happiness.

The Primed Life – Health Insights – Guiding Light

When people have become lost in the wilderness they can use the stars in the sky or the sun as their guide to the directions they need to return home. It is a compass in the sky for those who know how to read the stars or positioning of the sun above.

Many people these days have become “lost” in their struggle to be healthy and happy. They try very hard with new exercise regimes, supplements, diets etc. but their path to a healthy functioning body and brain is a misguided one.

Remember not to cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.

If you are not as healthy as you wish to be there is a reason and therefore an answer. Follow the right path and more positive results will come your way. Continue following the same, or wrong path, and you are heading in a direction you do not want to go.

My guiding light for this book is the same as what NASA uses to determine if life is possible on another planet.

My guiding lights for optimal energy are:

1. Sunlight;

2. Water; and

3. Earth’s magnetic field EMF).

Without any of these 3 there is no life on Earth as we know it. Indeed, these 3 guiding lights are the basis from which the entire food web on planet Earth are based upon: photosynthesis.

Food is important, but it cannot be more important than the 3 essential elements that created it. Photosynthesis is the basis on which all food is based.

The entire food web on earth is created by photosynthesis

In plants – the sun takes co2 from the environment and mixes it with water and turns it into sugars

In mammals – The process is reversed. Mitochondria take sugar and turns it into co2 and water

In this book we will learn how food is important to energy production but not as important as some believe.

Where you live, and your lifestyle, matter more than the food energy you consume and are also a determinant of what food you should eat. It is about the context of your health, your environment, your lifestyle and what you do. It also is significant to know your haplotype (explained in more detail later) so you know what environment suits you best.

This book is rooted in nature and lessons from Mother Nature. Just as photosynthesis shows us that the sun, water and grounding to the Earth are essentials to life, I will seek to show that our own bodies are self healing and “know what to do” to work optimally. Hence, I will not be selling anything here except the concept of nature and natural ways to optimal energy.

Mission Statement of The Primed Life

I want people to take more personal account for their own health and that of their family. To stop outsourcing their health outcomes to drug companies, big food companies, their doctors, their personal trainers and others. Or think their health outcomes are predetermined by their genetics.

It is all about you and what works for you in light of your context. It is your own N = 1 experiment.

By enjoying this journey to optimal energy you will save valuable time and money.

You will become smarter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Your energy will radiate like the sun and you will attract and inspire others to embark on their own health journey.

This road map I will present is based on the guiding lights explained above and will get you to where you want to go. This is dependent on your goals which you can write out shortly.

This road map is designed for you to be “Primed” for a fun and fabulous life. It is why my program is called Primed for your Life. It is all about you, your goals and your conditions of existence. What applies to one will not apply for another.

It is not about being perfect but aiming for continual improvements every day. Summarized as BED.




Do not feeel overwhelmed. Just aim for continuous improvements. Have fun and enjoy your journey to improved energy.

Where do you want to go – What are your health and life goals?

Please write out your goals for your life below. Divide into health, family, work and overall life goals.

“If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not to a person or object.” Albert Einstein

Health goals:

Family goals:

Work goals:

Overall life goals / How do you wish to be remmbered when you eventually run out of energy?

Who is your health hero from which to learn positive lessons on ways to an energized life? Choose a contemporary and an elder “health hero”.

My examples include:

• Andy Pope who is just a year younger than me (I am 49 years young at the time of writing this). Andy is very healthy with excellent metabolic health markers despite training a lot less than he ever did. Andy applied these concepts of the book and reversed hypertension and is thriving. Andy is also passionate about continually learning and inspiring the people he cares for; and

• My Mum. Wow, at 77 years young she is rocking it with a zest and vitality that sees her still working. My Mum also adopted Primed principles and reversed type 2 diabetes, hypertension and lost over 30 pounds. My Mum is doing great and I am very proud of her. Love you Mum.

Contemporary “Health Hero”:



More senior “Health Hero”:



Who is your unhealthy “anti-hero” from which to learn lessons on what not to do?

Choose a person your age and an elder too. Please write out their names and their habits that might have contributed to their unhealthy life or early death.

My examples include:

• My own fabulous Dad who died from a heart attack at age 69 despite doing all the conventional things he thought would help him live well. My Dad was a great man and an excellent pilot. By flying so many hours he was exposed to more non-natural electromagnetic fields (nnEMF) which affected the mitochondria in his heart and ultimately ld to his heart attack; and

• Steve Jobs who died at the age of 56 from pancreatic liver cancer and who did not allow his own children to have the devices that made him so incredibly flush with cash. Cannot call him wealthy because your health is your wealth.

Contemporary “Anti-Health Hero”:



More senior “Anti-Health Hero”:



My story:

I have tried all diets, extreme exercise (4 full ironman events and 20 marathons) and made all the mistakes. I have been unhealthy despite lots of exercise and being very conscious about my food.

I am delighted that I am now healthy, energized, smarter and no longer exercise except for fun or as a mode of transport. I am passionate about sharing all I know with others so you do not make my same mistakes.

My journey has been a fun one. I have made lots of mistakes and will make more mistakes in the future too. However, because I now know better I am (and will) do better. My goals are lofty and I will succeed.

By being better myself I am delighted that I have assisted my own family to a healtheir lifestyle and tens of thousands of people worldwide too.

Food for thought?:

If life on planet Earth is due to sunlight, water and the magnetic field of the Earth then perhaps these 3 factors are important for our own well-being? Mars has only 2 of these 3 and it is why there is no life on Mars.

Mitochondria are our cells’ energy factories

We need energy for our bodies to operate during the day and then also to have stored energy so they regenerate and repair at night.

Modern disease is mainly caused through mitochondrial dysfunction (lack of energy and energy flow). Dr. Doug Wallace is a leading world expert and believes modern disease is 85% based on our mitochondrial DNA with only 15% on our genetic DNA.

A lot of modern disease researchers are looking into the genetic DNA as the way to reduce disease but they are clearly not doing very well given how diseased modern society has become. It is blatantly obvious when we see all those with heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes, autism etc. etc.

“It is about finding what triggered the disease in the first place and removing that cause.” Marcus Freudemann.

Our mitochondria are what drives our energy and this book is about improving your mitochondrial functioning and flow and therefore your energy production and flow.

Your Mitochondria are what powers your energy.

“All life is energy and energy is life” Albert Einstien.

Albert Einstein

20 facts on mitochondria:

1. Are responsible for over 90% of your cells’ energy production;

2. Decipher information from their environment (the light in your environement interacting with your body and the food in your body);

3. Mitochondrial aging is called heteroplasmy;

4. We all inherit 100% of our mitochondrial DNA from our mothers;

5. Your mitochondrial haplotype matters. This means a person with tropical mitochondria have different food and light requirements than a person with northern European mitochondria;

6. Your mitochondria deciphers energy and information from the sun, your food, water, electro magnetic field and oxygen tensions;

7. When your mitochondria deciphers all this energy and information it requires it to be cohernet and not mismatched. This means the energy and information deciphered in your eyes, on your skin and in your gut should be matched and coherent. Hence, fruit in winter is a mismatch that can lead to inflammation and disease. It is why most fruits do not grow in winter and why there are very few carbohydrates in the higher latitudes on earth but they do grow in the tropical climeates where the sun is more bountiful and strong;

8. Mitochondria originated from bacteria (hence, we originated from bacteria);

9. Red blood cells have no mitochonria as they transfer light from our environment to our mitochondria via our skin and eyes;

10. We need proper light cycles for our mitochondria to work properly;

11. Mitochondria have oxygen and sugar or fat as their inputs;

12. Mitochondria have CO2 and H20 as their outputs (plants create sugar and oxygen  from C02 and H20;

13. Mitochondrial dysfunction leads to / causes disease;

14. Mitochondria are an environmental sensor;

15. We get energy from electrons, photons and protons in our mitochondria;

16. Food is simply electrons into our inner mitochondria through electron transport chain through 4 cytochromes;

17. The sun’s light and Earth’s magnetic field also provide electrons via electron transport chain just like food;

18. The sun sends energy and information to our mitochondria via our blood (in a similar fashion to how photosynthesis works in plants);

19. We reduce mitochondrial aging by following the principles of nature as outlined in this book; and

20. We increase aging and disease by not paying attention to our mitochondrial DNA and believing it is all to do with our genetic DNA.

Jack brain

By outsourcing our health outcomes to doctors, hospitals, drug companies, “it’s in my genes / family” mentality we are placing our health into the hands of people and institutions with vested interests in our health. It is time to become a mitochondriac and take control of your own health.

American Indian wisdom 2

From the Desiderata

By Max Ehrmann

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself,

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and

the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not

it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.


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