Avocado fried in butter with smoked trout, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese & fried garlic chips. Picture recipe.

Simple picture recipe below.

Ingredients of 2 avocado, butter, sea salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes, semi-dried tomatoes, hot smoked trout, feta cheese, capsicum with garlic and love. I also added some bacon.

Also vco fried garlic chips.

I love the flavour of virgin coconut oil fried garlic chips. So delicious.

In keeping with doing acts of random kindness daily I made an extra dish for Sam’s daughter. She loved it.

Sam and I love eating our Primed food outdoors in natural light.

We meet cool people like Ben who now knows to get more benefit from his cold thermogenesis. I gave him some hints the previous time I met him which he implemented with great success.

After a great lunch with Sam I caught up with our CT Positivity group for more fun in the sun.

Some people in the world say sun is bad for you. Haha. They want you to buy their sunscreen, meds, supplements, sunglasses, chemo etc.

We love the sun, nature and natural light.

How about you?

Do you prefer fake lights or natural sunlight?

The sun is the key to optimal health.

Buy my cool book and I will email you a great menu plan and associated recipes. Also a Primed book summary.

Available on Amazon or I can email you the book. Just email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com

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