Mike Grogan’s Forward for “The Primed Life” – The quick and easy way to instantly improve your health without relying on dieting, medicines, supplements or exercise.

Foreword to “The Primed Life”

“Chad Davis changed my life! This is not an exaggeration or something that I felt would be nice to put in a foreword, but it is the truth. Becoming Primed has completely changed my daily energy, my weekly productivity and my overall happiness level. I never had such a bigger return in investment, for making so many small changes to my daily and weekly routines.


However, at the beginning I was not this enthusiastic at all. When I first heard about Chad, I was resistant I didn’t think I needed a health coach. I thought I was reasonably healthy and “reasonably happy” and so I believed that a new health program was not something I should start right now. I did not feel that it was relevant for me nor did I have the time for it. How wrong I was. 


Looking back, I realized that the real reason I was resisting was that I didn’t want to admit that perhaps I could be wrong. That perhaps some of the things that I have been doing all my life (especially the food I was eating) were contributing to the poor and average results that I was accepting as my norm.  

It was my own ego and pride that was holding me back. That resistance lasted for 6 months before I finally said I would give Primed a try. I wish I didn’t wait so long.  I don’t want you to make the same mistake as I have. I never want to return to the old me life before Primed not that I was miserable I just was ignorant to a better life that is waiting for me once I started to implement the Primed protocols and practices.


In this book, Chad will drop so many value bombs on youthat at times you will not know what to do with it. Sometimes you will feel quite overwhelmed. I know because I didespecially when some of Chads advice directly contradicted some of my own longheld beliefs of what is healthy and what is not. 


Thus my advice is to apply the rule of thirdsmeaning, one third of the book you will already know; one third of the book will not be relevant to you (or you will not understand); and one third of the book will be really useful stuff. My advice is to focus on that one third that is relevant to you. Look for tiny changes that you can do to integrate his tips and advice into your daily and weekly routineeven if just 1% better than the previous day. This means you are moving in the right direction. This nonscientific (yet useful analysis) will help you take the small steps you need to start making a truly powerful change in your energy, your productivity and your overall happiness. 


Since becoming Primed  2 years ago I have recommended Chad and his method to more people than any other professional or any other life improvement program that I have ever experienced. Regardless of what you would consider your current level of health, productivity and happiness there is something in this book that can take you to yet another level of performance and joy that you never thought possible. I am so excited that soon you are going to discover this directly for yourself.  The massive benefits are just impossible to ignore. Without doubt, reading this book ‘The Primed Life’ and applying the best practices contained here will be one of the best learnings about health, energy and nutrition that you can ever receive.  


So I wish you the best as you take this journey on.

This is the book your future self has been waiting for you to read! 

Once you go Primed – you will never be the same again.”


Mike Grogan

Author of Personal Kaizen: Small Changes, Bigger Results

I loved reading Mike’s book. He has written many.

Mike went Primed because of Primed Marc. Cheers mate.


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