The Primed Life – Recharge your energy – 20 Fun activities to enjoy.

20 Fun activities to enjoy

These activities are designed to get us outside into nature and away from our indoor existence.

These activities are all designed to improve our energy inputs and energy flow. The double benefit is that by enjoying these activities you are further away from what drains your energy and energy flow. As a bonus, these activities boost our feel great hormone called dopamine. If you get it freely from these activities there is no need to buy stuff to get your dopamine boost.

When you have fun doing these dopamine enhancing activities try and enjoy some dopamine enhancing foods afterwards. These foods have tyrosine and include spinach, spirulina, eggs, salmon, cottage cheese, avocados and bananas if in season in your location (and you are healthy – context is key).

  1. A beach holiday in a relaxing sunny place.
  2. A camping trip to help you reset your circadian rhythms.
  3. Nature tripping in a forest.
  4. Bush walking, hiking or trail walking.
  5. Setting up a garden for vegetables, herbs etc..
  6. Surfing, snorkeling, diving etc. Water sports are fabulous.
  7. Horse riding, visisting a farm and activities outside in a quality environment.
  8. Play cricket with friends.
  9. Develop a habit of doing Nitric Oxide Release which takes just 4 minutes and is fun.
  10. A simple walk in your neighborhood whilst observing all the beauty around you and listening to the birds, children’s laughter etc.
  11. A nice walk to your Farmer’s Market to buy seasonal produce and make new friends.
  12. Start a meditation practice. Meditation improves your focus, memory, sleep, outlook, immune system, sense of purpose, is a stress reliever, reduces blood pressure, is free and relaxes your nervous system. Best to meditate outside if possible.
  13. Go for a walk / jog whilst oil pulling with Virgin Coconut oil. This forces you to nose breathe which is very beneficial and a great habit to adopt.
  14. Write a list of podcasts and books to listen to and read. I have offered some suggestions towards the end of this book. Developing your brain and reminding yourself of healthy habits is very beneficial for your body and brain. Listen to these podcasts outside. Read in the park.
  15. Invite discomfort into your life / challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. This could be trying Cold Thermogenesis. Taping your mouth shut before bed to ensure beneficial nose breathing. Doing a High Intensity Interval Training provided you are up for it physically. Including sprints into your jogging routine. Try regular intelligent fasting by eating a big lunch and skipping dinner.
  16. Find an outdoor hobby or activiy that you enjoy. It could be painting outside. Running. Tennis. Frisbee etc. The point is to be conscious that you will be healthier the more outdoor activities you do as opposed to indoor ones. Playing basketball outside is far superior to playing inside. If inside is your only option then aim for natural lighting only. We love frisbee a lot.
  17. Check out which involves fun exercise outdoors moving in your natural environment. Exercise can be great if you do it in the right environment, have lots of energy and never do it at the expense of sleep and ensure you sleep well afterwards.
  18. Join a fun run or some sort of walking / jogging event. Or create your own walking / jogging group.
  19. Have a picnic in an area with green space. Pack a nice Primed meal and enjoy this surrounded by nature with a good friend or friends. Can even enjoy some time alone. Get grounded where possible with shoes off.

20. Visit a friend. Shake hands. Have a fun and positive conversation. This way you boost your dopamine and theirs.

Kuitpo Forest

When doing these fun outdoor activities leave your phone at home or try not looking at it. Be mindful of your friends and environment.


My story:

I had asthma when I was a boy growing up in Adelaide, South Austrlaia. I needed an inhaler quite often. When I visited the altitude of the Swiss Alps on holiday my asthma went away and NEVER returned. I learned here that your environment plays a big part in your health. If we had gone on holiday to New York maybe I would not have gotten rid of my asthma.

Primed reverses asthma. Also hypertension, type 2 diabetes, infertility, obesity, PCOS, gout, blood cancer, psoriasis and a lot more.


Sean lived his life through the TV, computer screens and phone screens.  He soon discovered he no longer had a good life. He was in decline. His brain and body was also in decline and his body and thoughts became stiff and inflexible. He was also in a band and often stayed up late strumming his electric guitar under the venues bright fake lights.

Sean did not change any thing. Sean is no longer with us.

Worse still is that his 2 children followed his gadget addictions and late nights. They are both infertile and cannot have children despite spending lots of money on IVF. If only they knew better. If only they knew the key to better health was to improve their energy production and flow by reading this book. It is a pity because Sean’s widowed wife would have been a fabulus Grandmother.

Food for thought?:

Energy is what we need to live. The more energy production and flow of this energy then our quality of life improves. It must. This is why I do all I can to improve my energy / mitochondrial functioning. When we have more energy we can better enjoy energizing activities. Win / win. We also live longer so we can have more fun on holidays rather than visiting poor environment hospitals.

See the light:

You could use your energy to walk outside in the sun or deplete your energy under FAKE lights at the gym on a FAKE running treadmill machine.

One is done under natural light and fills your energy cup. The other drains it.

Do you prefer fake or natural?

Did you know part 1?:

Your individual contect is always key and why I MIGHT be wrong with my statements above.

A healthy dark skinned Filipino farmer could use a treadmill in a gym whilst on holiday in Geneve because of the blizzard outside. No big deal there and there might be some benefits.

Compare the farmer to an unhealthy bank executive in New York who is blue light toxic, has weak bones from calcium eflux ( due to his fake environment ) and is obese due to his poor sleep habits and lack of energy flow. His 30 minutes on the treadmill could turn his machine into a “deadmill” and help hasten his heart-attack.

Context is key. The banker needs more sunlight not further stress under fake light.

Did you know part 2:

Bob Harper, the heavily tatoed (blocks the sun) famous and “rich” trainer from the Biggest Loser US had a heart-attack. He loved training in a fake light gym. Some were surprised because he seemed fit and healthy. Do you see how some see but do not oberve very well. He also recommnded high carbohydrate diets and calorie counting.

Take action:

Have fun in nature. See how it makes you feel. How it aids your sleep.

Enjoy a holiday to the beach instead of extra nights in New York. Walk in the park instead of running hampster style on a treadmill in the gym.


The final words: