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20 Reasons to shut your mouth and breathe through your nose

It makes great sense to concentrate on what is most important to your being alive from day to day. We can live for many months without food. Maybe a week without water. Only several days without sleep. You can only live a few minutes without breathing. Maybe we should concentrate some time and attention to breathing? Especially because the way you breathe effects the quality of your sleep.

By nasal breathing you are increasing oxygenation in your blood thereby making your blood and body more magnetic.

From the great American Indians: “Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf.”

American Indians

  1. Nose breathing is critical for our health as your nasal passage acts like a filter.
  2. Nasal breathing is relaxed breathing compared to mouth breathing which is more stressed breathing and leads to a dry mouth and maybe bad breath.
  3. Nasal breathing is efficient and effective for releasing C02 and getting 02.
  4. Nasal breathing allows greater oxygen uptake.
  5. Nasal breathing sees greater oxygenation of your blood.
  6. Nasal breathing allows you to optimize your C02 levels.
  7. A dry mouth from mouth breathing is a bad sign and promotes bad breath.
  8. Controlled, slow breathing through your nose is medatative and relaxes your entire body.
  9. Nasal breathing helps with a deeper, more restorative sleep.
  10. When you nose breathe C02 builds in your blood and your blood vessels dialate. More oxygen from blood is released into your cells. This relaxes you and sees more blood circulation and more open airways.
  11. Nasal breathing is calming and comes from your diaphram and not shallow mouth breathing from your chest.
  12. Nasal breathing during exercise leads to greater stamina, reduced pulse rate, less stress on your heart, improved oxygenation to the blood, less stress overall and is a good auto-regulator (setting a limit on how hard you can push yourself).
  13. The Tarahumara native Indians of Mexico made famous in the book Born to Run are famous for their long-distance running ability. They breathe predominantly through their nose while running with some exhaling through a partially open mouth.
  14. Native American tribes were nose breathers and lived vibrantly and healthily.
  15. You can ensure nasal breathing at night by taping your mouth shut. This is what I do and I noticed improved sleep and awakening even more refreshed. It is easy to do and easy to stop if you find it uncomfortable.
  16. Nasal breathing promotes less talking and wiser choise of words. Surely a good thing when people today generally talk too much and are poor listeners.
  17. Nose breathing is free and easy. Just be more conscious to shut your mouth.
  18. Shut your Mouth and Save your Life is a great book to read by George Caitlin.
  19. With a nasal breathing consciousness it will promote a more healthy posture so you sit straighter, sit less, use a stand up desk, sleep on your side (as opposed to your back) and other daily benefits.
  20. With the increased importance of a clear nasal passage (nasal breathing in of itself aids this) you will naturally avoid fake foods like veg oil, GMO soy, grains etc. that produce mucus and block your nose.

Nose 1Nose

My story:

At the age of 48 I started tongue scraping after a nights sleep. I did this to remove any “gunk” on my tongue before drinking my two big glasses of water to rehydrate myself.

At 49 I strated taping my mouth shut before sleeping ( you do not notice anything different ) and no longer needed to tongue scrape because there is no longer any gunk. It is easy to do and I personally love it and it has made a big difference to the quality of my sleep.


Billy was a mouth breather. He had bad breathe. He changed to nose breathing and his bad breathe went away.

Food for thought?:

The native American Indians who were super healthy and vibrant were very strong believers in nose breathing and not mouth breathing.

There is also a cool book called “Shut your Mouth and Save your Life.”

See the light:

We should breathe through our mouth as often as we eat through our nose!

Did you know?:

Our nose is a filter but your mouth is not. Simple right?

Take action:

Try taping your mouth shut at night one evening. It is easy to do, quite relaxing actually and easy to stop if you do not like it. Embrace change.

Just be careful when sneezing. Do not try and drink water after taping. Or make phone calls!

Do not use heavy duty duct tape!

Tape mouth

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