The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Health Conditions Reversed / Improved

20 Health conditions reversed / improved by people adopting Primed principles  

(The Primed Lifestyle)

A lot of people have reversed their health conditions with the Primed Lifestyle. I am highlighting a few examples below as a means to show the age variety, nationality variety, differing health ailments and places these great Primed people live as an example of hope to you if you have any of these conditions.

I believe we need to become better observers, and believe what we observe, and not always what we are told by those with a vested interest in our ill-health.

I have observed all these people reverse / improve their conditions through the improved energy principles outlined in this book.

If they can do it then why not you?

  1. ADHD – “Harry (11) comes home and immediately does home work – no whinging  for food!!! He was 2 years behind year level and supposedly dyslexic and ADHD, in the last 12 months we had made diet changes but going Primed in the last few months has created a completely new kid. Also he had now lost 10kgs (!!!) has found his schoolwork is easier and has so much energy. He wasn’t obese by any means but he’s a lean, focused and energetic individual these days… they all are better.” Harry lives in South Australia.
  2. Anxiety – From Primed Rona in Manila: “primedforyourlife has helped me reverse my sleep apnea and has helped my panic attacks that used to occur almost everyday!”
  3. Arthritis – From Primed Jun De Castro in Manila: “Hi Chad I’m doing fine and follow your recipes and menus. I feel light and nonetheless no more arthritis pain…” There is a similar story to Caroline in Western Australia who noticed her arthritis pain go away follwing Primed protocols.
  4. Asthma – Anne Renner (Mum of 3 in Manila), Lexi (10 year old in Manila), May and Raul all reversed asthma and no longer need any medications. Many, many more examples of this condition being reveresed. Quite often within a week. One young chef from the restaurant The Wholesome Table reversed asthma without changing any of her food intake. Her change was to get more sunlight on her skin and eyes.
  5. Constipation – “Before, I excreted every after 2-3 days but now, I excrete every single day. It feels great!” from Primed Pujan in provincial Philippines. Also nurse Agnes, Glo, Rhea and too many others to mention. It is not a good sign to have your plumbing backed up. Primed Denisse lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks, felt so much healthier and lighter and got rid of constipation too.
  6. Dysmenorrhea – Primed Jen, Princess and many others. Period pain is not normal. Period pain is a sign something is wrong with your food, drinks, lifestyle and / or environment. It is not a sign you need medication.
  7. Fertility issues for males and females – From Primed Erhwill in Singapore: “Hi Chad. I’m are just grateful that my wife eventually got pregnant. I think Primed lifestyle also played an important role for the success aside from our prayers. You know that we tried 3 cycles under medication but no success then 1 cycle no medication then BOOM! (||). I think our secret for that success is PRAYERS and Healthy Eating with Primed lifestyle.” Primed Revelyn also became pregnant after years of trying just months after adopting the Primed lifestyle.
  8. Gerd / hyper-acidity / acid reflux -US Filipina nurse Agnes lost 22 plus pounds without exercise and has no more GERD / acid reflux. Agnes also has a lot more energy. Is less moody and a lot happier. Similarly, no more GERD for Irishman Mike Grogan, Chef Mon and Annie Santos.
  9. Gout – Primed Ace reversed gout and so did Australian expat in manila Etienne. Etienne could not play a full round of golf due to the pain of gout but that has all disappeared once he adopted Primed principles.
  10. Headaches / Migraines – Primed Annie lost 23 lbs. without exercise YET! Is feeling lighter and is more energized with migraines GONE! Primed Norma is 50 but looks 40 now. Norma looks and feels GREAT. Her friends notice improved skin, energy, vitality, mood and zest for life. Norma has gone from med to small. Norma has no more period pains and no more headaches.
  11. Hypertension

From Primed Judith: “This is a 9-month period where I went from 76kg to 59kg. Wow, this is no joke. Thank you for helping me with my transformation. The weight loss is amazing (as I am still losing bits of lbs with my dancing) but eliminating my hypertensive meds was really the best!”

Primed Greg also REVERSED his Hypertension. No more expensive meds required. Greg looks 10 years younger and his wife Flor has lost 5 pounds and Greg has lost 20 pounds. Greg’s eyesight has improved. Clinically proven.

Primed Serr John’s skin quality improved. He was taking Hypertension meds. No more DRUGS and will save over half a million pesos in his life time by not taking these drugs any more.

12. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – After 15 years of trying doctors all over the world Chris Wensley reversed his debilitating IBS. Also Primed Jen from Davao. We calculated that Jen will save over 1 million pesos in her life time. Jen also reversed hypertension.

13. Mental cognition – Primed Dr. Annabelle noticed her memory is improving a lot and that she is no longer forgetful. That’s huge.

Primed Ivy noticed improved cognitive functioning.

Architect Manny also noticed a vast improvement in his memory and now remembers people’s names where as he did not previously.

Ciara and Oscar have noticed / enjoyed the following since going Primed. Improved energy. Better mental clarity and cognition. Better sleep, no sickness, they recover from travel faster. Improved skin, more vitality and better moods. Peace of mind in knowing Primed is a sustainable lifestyle that is fun

14. Outlook on life / peace of mind – Primed Bianca has a better brain that’s more positive and thinks more clearly. She has a more positive outlook daily. This is very significant and a major benefit of the Primed lifestyle. No need to worry and stress because it is a natural and sustainable road map for improved health and happiness.

15. PCOS

From Primed Vidya in India: “I had PCOS problem and I was taking medicines for that. Now for the past 3 months, I stopped taking Medicines and I am getting my periods regularly. We are grateful to you.”

From Marie in the Philippines: “I hope a lot of women will try this lifestyle because I know a lot of women are suffering from PCOS and they’re having a hard time getting pregnant. It was just less than a month of being Primed for me! And tada!!! After years of trying, we are suddenly expecting a baby this year!  But really, thank you, Chad! Primed is the way to go! It is priceless!!! Our baby is definitely priceless! I can’t thank you enough, Chad for introducing this Lifestyle to us.”

From Primed Mae in the Philippines: “My OB performed an ultrasound and confirmed that I was actually having a normal period. She was so surprised because I never took any meds and because I had my period again only after a month. She confirmed that it was due to my lifestyle/diet change. She (my doctor) even gave me a go signal to continue on with whatever I was doing and even asked me what I did, so she can also advise her other patients who have PCOS to do what I did! The ultrasound results were very good! I have no cysts nor polyps or any abnormalities. Turns out I’m healthier than ever!”

  1. Psoriasis Primed Nicole has improved skin quality, lost 10 pounds without exercise, no longer takes expensive meds for her psoriasis and no longer wastes money on supplements and vitamins.
  2. Skin quality – REN REN in Canada: “I lost weight, my skin become soft because I also used it (Primed Virgin Coconut Oil) as a lotion in my body and I put turmeric and I apply in my face, the energy is higher and i’m very active.Thnks I meet u chad.”

Gigi in Texas: Skin is vibrant, darker and fresher.

Jose Mari in Quezon City: “In fact, some says also my skin (facial skin) has improved.

Chef Nicole in Denmark “My skin is so much better! I always used to break out just before getting my period and now it’s practically gone.”

18. Sleep apnea – adult and teenage – Debilitating and dangerous sleep apnea reversed from Rona. Teenage sleep apnea reversed by Janella who no longer has teenage sleep issues.

19. Teeth quality – Lexie (11 years old) is sleeping better which is when your teeth get stronger. Lexie said she is “better” than before being Primed.

20. Type 2 Diabetes – Primed Filipino nurse in the US Leo is now:– T2D free (reversible with Primed). Lower BP. Off meds from T2D, Hypertension.

Also Ravi from India, Dr. Annabelle from St. Lukes medical center in Quezon City.

This is from my Mum: “Hey I’m no longer diabetic boys, it can be done, just lost 10 kg’s, once going Primed I cut down on the amount of food  I ate, fasted one day a week. It works. Hey Sean call, miss you. Mother.”

Primed Jay from PAL is rocking his Primed Lifestyle: * REVERSED Type 2 Diabetes in 2 months; Lost more than 22 pounds. * Is wearing his shirts from 5 years ago; Has a lot more ENERGY; * Noticed his sleep has improved a lot; Has improved skin and loves it.

Rina has REVERSED Type 2 Diabetes and no longer needs any meds Rina’s trigltcerides to HDL ratio has shown amazing improvements by going from an alarming 4.2 to a cool 1.36. This trend will soon see this key ratio go under 1:1 (exactly what you want). Rina’s blood sugar is under control and not in the Type 2 Diabetic range. No where near it.

Many, many more examples with some reversing the condition within months. Yes, it is possible.

All of these examples above are just a small sample of document and provable cases of people reversing / improving their conditions.

These conditions are mainly (85%) due to conditions of the existence they allowed / created through lifestyle, food, drinks, thoughts and environment. They are not genetic defects as some would have us believe (maybe 15% according to esteemed Dr. Doug Wallace).

 Mum rocks

My story:

I had pre-type 2 diabetes, lacked energy and drive, used to wear glasses, was over-weight (75 kilos at 5 foot 9) with love handles despite up to 4 hours of exercise a day. I was relatively lazy and lethargic, had super thin hair, had average skin, was not good with remembering things and my overall health was probably a 6 out of 10 even though I had completed numerous marathons and a full ironman in Japan.

After creating and adopting a Primed lifestyle everything above improved markedly.

As I improved my brain and energy my Primed lifestyle evolved and became even better. This then helped me to where I am today: Stronger, smarter, healtheir and happier than I have ever been before. I no longer waste time in a gym, do not exercise excessively and am delighted to help tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Chad pale cw brown

Analogy 1:

A lady got breast cancer when they put a cell phone tower and electrical sub-station next to her home with her bedroom and bedhead close to the towers. So, they removed her breasts, gave her expensive chemotherapy and sent her home to rest and recover. How do you think she will heal? Did they address the root cause of her issues?

Analogy 2:

A man became type 2 diabetic when he started working night shift, eating lots of doughnuts and drinking sugar drinks like milo, gatorade, fruit juice and coke. So they gave him lots of medicine until his foot had to be aputated and he had dialysis for his failing kidneys. Then he died at age 47 and left big hospital bills for his loved ones because of the stroke 4 weeks before he died. Maybe changing his job and eating natural foods would have been an easier solution?

Analogy 3:

A young set of spoilt twins were over-weight, had asthma and were diagnosed with ADHD. The did badly at school, had low self-confidence and had loyalty cards at the hospital so frequent were their visits there for asthma attacks and colds as a result of their poor immune systems. Their bedroom had wi-fri in it, they both had iphones they were addicted to and their parents fed them packet sugar cereal for breakfast, sandwisches for lunch, pasta for dinner and allowed them to stay up late while they played video games.

So, the question is do they need medicine? Do they need a pysciatrist? Or maybe they need an early bedtime, proper food to nourish their bodies and brains and more time in natural surroundings than with addictive and harmful technologies. Oh, wi-fri should never be near a child’s bedroom. Do these children really need an iphone? Sometimes the solution is that simple. Mum and Dad missed it because they also lived in a bad environment with a poor lifestyle and bad food and drinks.

Food for thought?:

What causes most health conditions is YOUR lifestyle, environment, food and drinks. Herein lies the solution. Medicine and supplements and excessive exercise do not address the root cause. They waste valuable time and money and often compound the problem.

See the light:

Your health is up to you. Do not outsource it to doctors, hospitals, gyms, injections, supplements etc. if at all possible. Understand that it is your lifestyle and what is in your environment that is the MAJOR determinant of your health and not your genetics. It is up to you and there is hope. Follow the Primed principles outlined in this book and listen to your body and intuition.

Did you know?:

It is within your power to fix the root causes of your health condition.

Take action:

Keep reading. Have hope. Believe that there is a more natural and better way because there is. Drugs, over-training, counting calories etc. is not the answer.

Say to yourself the following:

“I will be healthier.’

“I will take the natural steps to have extra energy.”

“I will enjoy my journey to optimal health.”

“I will not stress over the past but concentrate on a brighter future.”


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