The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Reasons Regular Intelligent Fasting can be very good for you. Context is key.

20 Reasons to start regular intelligent fasting

When you eat is equally important to what you eat. I eat according to my circadian rhythms (the light cycles of my environment) and the Earth’s light cycles.

I eat for food energy and understand that food is simply energy and information from the sun. My main energy is from the sun, water and grounding (Earth’s magnetic field).

Regular intelligent fasting can have fabulous benefits for people who are already nourished by their food, drinks, lifestyle and environment. Definitely not for those who are underfed / overfed and undernourished.

When we sleep we are having a mini hibernation. If well nourished already you can fast a little longer by making your last meal at 6pm. Then enjoy a great breakfast at 8am which means you just fasted for 14 hours.

The best fast is probably a technology fast where you get away from wi-fri, cell phones, cell towers, fake lights etc. Aim to have a technology fast at least once or twice a week.

Regular Intelligent Fasting

  1. Improves fat burning / fat oxidation.
  2. Increases growth hormone = slows ageing.
  3. Improves metabolism / metabolic rate.
  4. Helps gut health.
  5. Improves insulin sensitivity / blood sugar regulation. Hence, your carbohydrate and protein oxidation.
  6. Improves liver function.
  7. Improves leptin sensitivity / satiety so you are less hungry.
  8. Improves appetite and taste of food.
  9. Improves sleep quality.
  10. Improves neurogenesis which improves brain function and protects healthy cells in your body.
  11. Improves digestion so your organs get some time off and your energy is directed towards repair and regeneration.
  12. Improves autophagy which is your cellular recycling and cleansing while you sleep.
  13. Reduces inflammation and free radical damage.
  14. Reduces your triglycerides which is fat in your blood.
  15. Reduces blood pressure.
  16. Improves ghrelin levels which improves satiety so as to reduce over-eating.
  17. Improves immune system so as to reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc.
  18. Improves percentage of lean body tissue helping you achieve optimal body weight.
  19. Aids deuterium depletion which improves energy production in your mitochondria.
  20. Saves a lot of time and money by consolidating eating window and digestive energy and meal preparation.


“Nature’s kitchen opens when the sun is up and shuts when the sun sets.”


My story:

I used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I used to eat late food and was actually reliant on food for most of my energy.

When I started deriving more energy from the sun, ground, quality water and improved food I was less hungry and learned to eat only when I was hungry.

I now generally eat just once or twice a day and feel great. I generally avoid eating after the sun goes down.



Cookie and her family went on holiday in 2017 to Paris. They ate low energy crossants and fruit yoghurt for breakfast and were so hungry by lunch time. They then joined the masses for lunch in a restaurant and received bad service because everyone crowded in at midday. They too were hungry and a little grumpy.

The food took longer to arrive due to the big number of people all arriving to eat at the same time.

They felt sluggish after their lunch, did not walk around much to the beautiful sights of their holiday destination then caught a cab home to have dinner buffet.

They then awoke sluggishly, ate breakfast and then stayed in because Cookie’s husband felt sick.

Now, consider Primed Cookie and family in 2018 in Roma. They are already more nourished and energized due to their fun Primed habits.

After eating a great breakfast of eggs, quality European cold cuts and French cheese they walked to the great sights in Roma.

They were not hungry at midday so enjoyed the sights even more because a l lot of the people were jostling for tables in the crowded restaurants.

After walking in the sun (no umbrellas or sunscreen because they were more adapted to the sun and simply added light weight shirts and hats as required) they started to feel hungry at 3pm. Then they got great service and met a tour guide / waiter called Rino.

Rino then showed them some of the “hidden” treasures of Roma until they walked home at 7:30pm and got ready for bed at 9pm. They awoke refreshed the following day for another memorable day of sightseeing.


Food for thought?:

If you do not get any energy from the sun you will become 100% reliant on food for your energy source.

If that food is then low quality in terms of energy and nutrients your brain will force you to eat more.

Regular intelligent fasting is easy when supplementing with the sun’s energy, grounding, better water and eating more energy dense food.

See the light:

If you try and fast whilst staying up late watching TV and / or attached to your gadget (not smart) your body will produce sugar without putting any in your mouth. What will you then crave with added sugar circulating in your blood stream? Late night munchies anyone?

This would not be necessary if your habits were good and you read a book before bed, turned wi-fri off and locked your dumb phone away for the night. Then you could enjoy a more restful and regenerative sleep and wake refreshed with great intentions for a great day full of great habits.

Did you know?:

A regular intelligent fast is easy to stop.

The benefits are vast and definitely a great habit to aim for. Do not stress about it but try and make it a habit when convenient.

The fasting benefits are superior when it is in more of a circadian fashion which means you eat well during day light hours and restrict when the sun goes “to sleep”.

Take action:

Eat breakfast like a king (quality nutrition that is energy dense) and then a nice late lunch at say 4pm. Then skip dinner or have a light soup / something easy to digest.

There you go, your fast will have been around 16 hours if you eat again at 8am. Not difficult to do. It just requires a few changes of habit.

Another way to look at it is to say your “eating window” is from 6am until 6pm. Make it a “general” rule and not a stress inducing rule.

By the way, your breakfast will taste even better and you do not have to wash and dry as many dishes.

You will also save valuable time and money with this more simple lifestyle habit.