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20 Reasons to get your bare feet on Mother Earth

Grounding / Earthing is another free way to get electrons / energy into your body without eating. It is as simple as walking bare foot on the beach as the water splashes your feet. Or on grass or sitting in a park with your palms of your hands on the ground. Or even touching / hugging a tree, patting a dog that is grounded or walking barefoot whilst shopping at your local Farmer’s Market like I do.

Grounding has a scientific name called the the inverse Hall magnetic spin effect. When we are grounded we augment our bodies electric charge in our cell membraines with the Earth’s negative charge. Cold thermogenesis augments magnetism (improves our magnetic effect) and we will see that in a later chapter.

“Walking barefoot and connecting with nature is one way of creating a “chemistry of blissfulness” , which is similar to what happens when you are smelling a flower or gazing at the sunlight or just listening to the sound of nature.” Doc Romy from the book of Author Sha Nacino called Mission Happiness.

  1. Improves your overall electrons / negative charge in your body which means you will have improved energy (for free).
  2. Improves sleep / circadian rhythms.
  3. Relieves muscle tensions,
  4. Reduces inflammation and pain.
  5. Reduces stress levels.
  6. Normalizes bodies natural rhythms.
  7. Reduces impact of jet lag.
  8. Improves blood pressure.
  9. Less cortisol.
  10. Helps fight oxidative stress which speeds healing.
  11. Improved feeling of well-being /mood enhancer.
  12. Optimizes hormones.
  13. Protects body against harmful nnEMF ( non-native Electro Magnetic Field ).
  14. Free reflexology session with toe stretching.
  15. Strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves.
  16. Grounding is done outdoors so the green scapes you see (hopefully) raises serotonin levels ( feel great ).
  17. Greater scensory stimulation relaxes you and reduces anxiety.
  18. Pushes off the body’s dirty electricity absorbed from electronics.
  19. Can also be grounded through leather soled shoes.
  20. Best grounding is at the waters edge at the beach.


My story:

I go to the market every Sunday without shoes on. I actually feel the energy and really enjoy it. The more I do of this the tougher my feet become and it becomes even easier to withstand pebbles and the heat. I have built up my ability to walk barefoot and to be in the sun.

I even ran the last 10km of my 2019 Melbourne marathon (42.2km) barefooted. I also ran it fasted (no food for breakfast and just a banana at 32km mark) and virtually no running training. Mainly kept healthy through being in the sun and doing cold thermogenesis.


Sam used to buy expensive shoes and run around the park with a hat on and long sleeves. Even sunglasses.

Sam then improved his energy production and flow by wearing a sleeveless top, no hat and simply walking in the sun whilst having no shoes on the grass in the park.

Sam saved time and money as he improved his health. He no longer uses sunglasses as his cognitive functioning improved.

Food for thought?:

We are mammals just like the cats in your local park. They are in the sun, in nature, eat mice and are generally healthy.

Take the same cat and place it in your 25th floor condominium and it will act differently and gain extra weight. Is it still a cat? Yes, but is it a natural cat? Will it act as a cat should?

Now think about people who never go outside, who always wear shoes and who do not act in a natural way that people / mammals are designed to.

They are still people but are they natural?

From my mate Marc: “Had a fantastic morning stroll. Stay grounded. With Chad Davis, Jesicca Hongoy and Max   #groundingenergy🌿🌱🌻🌊#energyislife

See the light:

The best way to get grounded is at the beach on the waters edge. Touching trees and walking on the ground is also grounding / Earthing.

We are designed to be connected to the sun’s rays of light and Mother Earth. It is a natural and symmetrical loop of nature. Just ask the cat in the park….

Did you know?:

Even patting a dog that is grounded outside allows you to also get the benefits of this increased electron flow into your body.

Take action:

Take your shoes off in the garden. Socks too. Stand there and enjoy. The effect is enhanced even more if the ground is damp like with morning dew.

Build up your tolerance so you can eventually walk around outside barefoot.

Beware of 5G  and highly electrified cities where man’s “Innovations” have negatively impacted the benefits of grounding to the Earth’s natural negative electron flow by “polluting” it with wi-fri and dirty electricity. With 5G there will be junk conduction that will impair the natural electron flow we get from the ground. People living in these environments might not experience the benefits of grounding.


Best to grab the sun’s energy and the earth’s energy simultaneously like my mate Marc.

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