The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – Cold thermogenesis rocks.

20 Reasons cold thermogenesis is great for you and how to start

If you are going to improve your energy inflows once Primed wouldn’t it be great to have this improved energy flow faster?

It is definitely beneficial to become cold adapted and allow your body to heat itself. When you practice cold thermogenesis you generate heat. Your shivering (a good thing) increases body heat production so you remain at homeostasis. Your mitochondria actually release infra-red light  (heat) to warm your body.

Cold Thermogenesis (CT) helps balance your hormones, improves your skin, aids fat loss, aids mental well-being, is great for sporting / life performance and recovery, reduces hunger, less inflammation, improves your sleep and is as simple as a cold shower or jumping in the lake.

From CT champ Dr. Jack Kruse:

“CT increases your magnetic sense, it makes you thermodynamically better, it make you much better able to sense the magnetic field where you live and it increases the amount of tissue oxygenation and improves your breathing.”

  1. CT improves your sleep which improves your life (sleep = life = sleep). CT improves autophagy during sleep which is where you replace bad mitochondria in the cells.
  2. CT can improve your strength and stamina (I ran a 42 minute 10km race in the hot Manila sun after doing CT on my back, neck and legs. I had also run a combined 80km in the 5 days prior to that race). In addition, my personal best marathon time is 3:28:26 after biking 180 kilometres on a chilly day in Melbourne.
  3. CT increases the dopamine (feel good hormone) levels in your brain the same way sunlight can. Hence, cold climate people are meant to be exposed to the cold and get their dopamine hit this way. Hot climate people are meant to be exposed to the sun’s heat and light and get their dopamine there. Dopamine is critical as it helps your brain function optimally and aids better decision making.
  4. CT speeds wound healing by improving your immune system.
  5. CT helps with quicker recovery from exercise aches and pains.
  6. CT improves thyroid function.
  7. CT can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes due to helping reduce blood sugar levels in your body. CT also helps to cut food cravings which aids in regular intelligent fasting.
  8. CT can reduce chronic pain.
  9. CT improves sexual performance and fertility.
  10. CT leads to activation of your sympathetic nervous system.
  11. CT feels good as it increases blood level of beta-endorphin.
  12. CT increases the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione.
  13. CT electrically stimulates peripheral nerve endings to the brain which could result in an anti-depressive effect.
  14. CT allows you to produce greater energy in your mitochondria due to better protein tunneling due to less distance traveled.
  15. Cold ( and the sun ) are used to improve electrical current in your body. CT also improves your magnetic current in your body.
  16. Cold can turn white fat into brown fat. Your body fat is fuel that can be burned when you expose yourself to cold.
  17. CT is easy to do but please start slowly. By eating high energy food, getting grounding and sun energy and drinking cold water you will have more energy and find CT more enjoyable.
  18. CT is as simple as a cold shower or embracing a chilly day with less clothing than you would usually wear. Eventually you can try face dunking into icy water and then putting your feet in the cold water. You can start slowly with how cold you make the water and how long you put parts of your body in the water.
  19. CT is ideal in a cold lake with temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Ocean waters are great as you also get the grounding effect too. Cold water immersion is the best way to CT as it can improve your metabolic rate by up to 350% and dopamine by 250%.
  20. CT is great at any time of the day and even 10 minutes is of benefit.

Humans are naturally adaptable to the cold so realize that you will make progress by practicing. It becomes easier the more you do it. You will eventually love the way it makes you feel, sleep and look. I notice a distinct glow in my skin and eyes after a 30 minute CT session.

Aim to become cold adapted so you can better handle cold temperatures over time. Listen to your body at all times and see how it affects you.

My story:

I used to feel the cold a lot but am now adapted to “handle” it. I can walk in Switzerland and Roma in winter with just a t-shirt. I can ice plunge in 14 degree water up to my neck for over 60 minuttes.

Once I gained more energy and energy flow the cold became easier to tolerate. It is something I practiced and built up to.

I love being better adapted to the cold. It makes my skin even more vibrant and I feel great doing it. It also improves by sleep and testosterone levels.


Vanessa hated the cold. It really affected her. She was also experiencing heart palatations and impaired cognitive functioning (our mitochondria are predominantly in our brains and heart but throughout all clells except our red blood cells).

Once Vanessa went Primed and improved her energy inputs and reduced her energy stealers she was able to better handle the cold. Then she actively sought to become better adapted to the cold. Her increased energy now flowed faster.

Vanesaa no longer has heart issues and her mental cognition is the best it has been for 20 years.

Food for thought?:

A bear goes into hybernation after eating spring fruits quite fat. The cold and dark cave where it hybernates sees the bear come out of the cave shredded of all its fat after a fabulous sleep. So, in the cold it lost all its fat without exercise.

Does this Georgian dog need a jacket? Shoes? It is lean and healthy and acclimated to its environment.

See the light:

When we get cold our body releases heat. Heat is also infra-red light. Are you beginning to see the light?

Did you know?:

Some of the animals that live the longest come from the cold seas. Alaskan king crabs are huge but warm water crabs are not. We preserve foods by putting them in the fridge or freezer.

Picture above is of the Ice Man Wim Hof. He is an inspiration just like Dr. Jack Kruse.

Take action:

Build your energy inputs and reduce energy stealers. You will notice you become more accustomed to the cold.

Be aware that if you are working in a cold office environment and you can handle it more easily you should not necessarly wear less clothing. Please wear lighter clothing that covers your skin from the toxic effects from the fake light. Expanded upon in coming chapters.

About the author of this article:

Hi, I am Chad. Feel free to email me at or Skype at primedforyourlife

Following the protocols of Dr. Jack Kruse I have helped tens of thousands as a wellness coach. Cheers.

My book The Primed Life is Available on Amazon here:

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    1. Thank you very much. Inspired by Dr. Jack Kruse and Wim Hof. I love cold thermogenesis and do i5 at my local beach in Melbourne whenever I can. Have you tried it?

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