The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – The sun is #1. 20 Reasons why but there are countless more.

20 Reasons the sun is so critical to being energized

The sun is the source of all life. Sunshine is energy (and stored energy) and energy is life. As a wise Greek man once said to his now wise son: “Sun is life.” Simple really.

Humans and plants and all animals harvest energy from the sun. We are all light eaters. We are all solar powered yet the current trend is to avoid the sun. The current trend is also for increased disease and ill-health.

  1. The sun is responsible for ALL food on planet Earth via photosynthesis.
  2. The sun is more critical to your health than food. All causes of mortality (death) are proven to be increased with lower vitamin D (is actually a hormone). The higher your hormone D the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, virus, cancer and death.
  3. We have hormone D receptors in EVERY cell in our body INCLUDING our eyes.
  4. The sun is more critical for a person of tropical / equatorial decent. People with dark skin and eyes need more sun on their eyes and skin than a whiter person. Hence, the darker your skin the more sun you need. The older you get the more sun you need as well.
  5. 48% of circuits in our brains are wired to the sun and not dietary metabolism.
  6. Sunlight on your skin = electrons in your body through Electron Transport Chain (ETC). All food is also electrons in your body via ETC. Earthing / Grounding is also electrons via ETC. Electrons = energy = life.
  7. The sun is also stored energy on our skins like a solar panel (we are solar charged beings). This stored energy helps us with our daily activities and also is utilized while we regenerate and repair through autophagy and apoptosis at night.
  8. The sun facilitates intestinal absorption of phosphorus and calcium which strengthens bones and teeth. The sun improves oral health which is important with respect to overall health.
  9. Helps trim fat cells and decrease leptin levels because the suns rays on your skin are electrons in your electron transport chain.
  10. The sun is a natural antibiotic to help white blood cells clear infection. This obviously improves your immune system functioning. The sun is also anti-inflammatory with a calming effect for muscle relaxation / less pain.
  11. The sun prevents high blood pressure and protects kidneys from high uric acid. Hence, the sun helps blood flow to all your vital organs especially brain and heart. Blood initially comes to the surface of your skin (dermal pooling) via nitric oxide. This nitric oxide release is beneficial to our body with a fun 4 minute exercise called Nitric Oxide Dump / Release to be explained in another chapter.
  12. Increases oxygen content in blood and increases capacity to deliver oxygen to tissues in your body.
  13. Makes our gut less leaky for better immunity. Also fights autoimmune diseases and reduces cellular aging.
  14. Helps with HDL as a sign of liver health and helps protect the brain.
  15. Kills bad bacteria and reduces risk of breast cancer.
  16. Enhances performance for athletics / life. Improves body and brain functioning.
  17. Helps with sleep with morning sun in your eyes  and on your skin helping to set your circadian rhythm. The sun helps you sleep. Sleep = life = sleep.
  18. Sets biological clock through your eye clock for proper timely hormonal cascade daily. The sun’s light creates melatonin in the morning for release at night.
  19. Feels great with dopamine release being a natural drug.
  20. The sun is a natural opiate via POMC which releases B-endorpin into our blood stream. We are designed by Mother Nature to be addicted to the sun. If you do not get it naturally you’ll seek it artificially. Artificial will never be as good as natural.

Our mitochondria make water via sun to work as a battery for your body. We must be well hydrated to enjoy the immense benefits of the sun. Deuterium depleted foods and drinks aid this.

The sun affects the expression of your genetic DNA. As explained previously, our mitochondrial DNA is CRITICAL for all energy production in our body. Mitochondrial dysfunction is the root cause of more than 85% of modern diseases. Our problems have not been genetic DNA based but mitochondrial DNA based. Your health is in your hands and is not predetermined genetically.

  1. When did the sun become bad for humans?
  2. Why do trees and grass still grow and thrive in the sun?
  3. If photosynthesis is the basis of all food and life on planet Earth why do we hide from the sun?

Quotes: “Sunlight is the only form of light that provides your cells with the wood for your fire.” Dr. Jack Kruse.

The darker and older the skin the more sun is required. Melanin in our skin acts as a shield and is why a black man needs more sun than a brown woman who needs more sun than a white man.

Caveat: Do not get sun burned. Build your tolerance to the sun through intelligent exposure. Avoid toxic sunscreen. Avoid sun glasses. Be natural. Cover up with hat or clothing after exposure or go under shade.

How much sun you needs depends on factors like what is the color of your skin, how adapted are you to the sun and where are you on the planet. An example is that the polluted sun in Metra Manila is weaker than the sun in Los Banos just 2 hours drive away. The best sun to build your tolerance is in the morning. The morning sun aslo helps you to better handle the afternoon sun. Build up slowly.

My story:

I am a white guy born in New Zealand to genetical parents of Irish decent. I am so thankful a Danish beauty queen called Sonja and handsome Aussie pilot called Charles decided to adopt me. Because they adopted me I then lived in Hong Kong from the age of 1 month. I then lived in Singapore, America and Australia in my formative years.

I got lots of Australian sun in my youth but was conditioned to believe it was bad and that we had to slip, slop and slap: Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat.

Fast forward to when I was 45 with very white skin and still using sunscreen, wearing hats and sunglasses but also lacking energy.

Now at over 50 my skin is much darker. I am healthier, smarter, stronger, not so reliant on food for my energy and am happier than ever. I love the sun. Almost 8 years older with my picture on the right at the beach.

All my Primed clients who also embrace sensible sun exposure thrive. They then can tolerate even more sun as they become browner. They are getting free energy and dopamine from the sun so they no longer need fake food energy or artificial ways to feel great.


Clair had asthma and worked as a chef. She simply got more natural sunlight by going outside on her breaks. She went camping. She became browner. Her asthma went away. She saved money by not needing meds or an inhlaer. She did not change her food.

Food for thought:

87% of dermatologists in Australia were found to be vitamin D deficient.

See the light:

A Canadian study showed that women exposed to the most sunlight during their teenage and young adult years reduced their risk of getting breast cancer by almost 70%. Primed ladies expose their breasts to the sun.

Did you know part 1?:

Blood becomes more magnetic in the sun and has greater oxygenation?

Did you know part 2?:

48% of your brain is wired to light and just 10% to food? From neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse.

Take action:

Make a habit of getting morning sun on your skin and in your eyes. Take sun breaks whenever you can but do not get burned. Start to love the sun and feel its life giving energy. Enjoy your improved health outcomes.

Maybe even log down your sun exposure, food intake, meal timing and sleep quality. See how they are interralated and listen to your body and not the outside people or what conventional “wisdom” told you.

By doing your own self-experimentation your are conducting your own N = 1. Who cares what is good for others because that might not be right for you.

Sun light 1Sun black cw whiteSun and skin

Mike on the left was in 2016 and not so healthy looking. Now in 2019 he looks absolutely fabulous. He has more energy and more life. He sleeps better. He is browner. His immune system is better. He now needs more sun because his skin is better adapted to the sun. He and Mary are having a son. Or daughter. They rock.

Do you still think the sun is bad? Primed Andy and Judith do not. They love it in the right dose. They are not scared of the sun. They are both vibrant, healthy and thriving. Both reversed hypertension. That’s Primed.

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