The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Energy dense foods to enjoy and 20 Reasons eggs rock.

20 energy dense foods to enjoy

If you find you are allergic or intolerant to any of the quality food below then simply avoid it for the time being. You will notice that as you become stronger and more energized with a better immune system these allergies might go away. Especially if you have a leaky gut and improve it.

Do not blame the allergies to good food on the good food. It is probably the toxins in grains and vegetable oil and from what our devices radiate that made our gut leaky. Primed restores your gut flora and makes it less leaky. Primed also helps diminish any holes in your blood brain barrier remembering your brain is often called your second stomach.

  1. Quality seafood that is not farmed is the best source of food energy on the planet. This seafood swims in electron dense water. Try and avoid a lot of bigger fish that may have a build up of mercury. Quality seafood and fats deliver 4 times the energy of carbohydrates to your electron transport chain.
  2. Quality eggs are a wonderful source of nutrients and energy. Buy the best ones you can afford with pastured eggs best. Please see 20 reasons eggs rock below. The cholesterol myth is a big fat lie designed to sell more breakfast cereal, medicine, diagnostic test and cancer treatments. Quality eggs means from pastured raised hens but simply go for the best quality you can afford.
  3. Quality fats like extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, grass fed butter, ghee, coconut cream, coconut milk, avocado oil…. One mole of these fats generally produce 147 ATP compared to 36 for even quality carbohydrates. Gram for gram they add more energy.
  4. Leafy green vegetable carbohydrates like spinach, kale, bok choy, mustard greens etc. These sulphur rich foods are particularly important for people living in the tropics / long light cycles. Green veggies rich in sulphur are a way for you to add electric current to the water of your body. We make vitamin D from sulphated cholesterol in our skin.
  5. Nutrient dense cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts etc. These vegetables are also high in sulphur.
  6. Seaweeds / Sea Vegetables like nori, kelp, chlorella, wakame, dulse, spirulina etc. Seaweed contains high levels of iodine useful for keeping your metabolism up.
  7. Grass-fed meats. Remember, you are what you eat ate. Farmers who feed their cows grains, low fat stuff and soy make them fat. They become even fatter if restricted from the sun. Unfortunately when they become fatter they aslo become sicker and often then receive shots of antibiotics. Yikes. Quality pork is a good source of energy and nutrition provided it was raised properly. Organ meats like liver, bone marrow, and bone broths are also nutrient dense.
  8. Milk from healthy cows – We go for goats milk and European milk but it is not something I personally have much of.
  9. Pastured, sustainably raised chicken (probably hard to find these days).
  10. Onions, garlic and ginger.
  11. Herbs and Spices like turmeric, pepper, sea salt like Fleur De Sal and Celtic sea salt. Others like cayenne, cinnamon, sage, basil, chives, oregano, cumin and corriander.
  12. Quality nuts and seeds but not peanuts as they are a legume.
  13. Quality dark chocolate whilst learning to read the ingredients of all packet food you buy.
  14. Fermented vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut etc.
  15. Pickled vegetables like my Primed Vegetable Kinilaw. Recipe at the end of the book.
  16. Sweet potatoes but not white potatoes. Best to add grass-fed butter on top. Context is important here so a healthy person getting lots of sun could eat more than a type 2 diabetic who spent the entire day indoors. Other qualiy starches include fresh pumpkin, butternut squash, yam and carrots. White rice is a starch too but one I personally limit.
  17. Quality European cheese. The French paradox is no longer a paradox when you understand that fermented quality cheese is high in fat / energy and is satiating.
  18. Apple cider vinegar.
  19. Fruits in season provided you are healthy and are also outside experiencing that season in your eyes and on your skin. Avocado is an excellent fruit to be enjoyed when in season in your local environment.
  20. Seasonal, fresh produce from the farmers. Support small farmers and not big mass production food corporations. Farmers need our support.



  1. When you eat your food matters so try and eat within the light cycles of the day. Best to eat a bigger breakfast and small dinner (if any).
  2. Who you eat with matters. Try and remove technology. be grateful for your food and blessings.

A more comprehensive shopping guide with a Primed menu plan and recipes will be gladly emailed to you when you ask me at


My story:

Improving the energy content of my food  (and limiting the bad “food” ) had a profound impact on my personal health. It is just one method to improve energy and not the most important. If you are doing everything else “right” then maybe it will be the most important for you.

Once I improved my body with improved nutrition my brain improved. This was THE BEST for me because I remember things better. My mood improved. I thought better thoughts. This change inspired me to learn more and keep trying to get Better Every Day.


Penny from Singapore was buying organic produce flown in from France. Her food was expensive and sourced from the best places worldwide. She was eating lots of French cheese, grass-fed lamb from Australia, olive oil from Spain and greens from Denmark. Also lots of organic Australian fruit. Sounds good right?

Well, not really because her skin was poor and energy levels low. Despite going to the gym (not a good environment to exercise and discussed in a later chapter) she was still 20 pounds over her optimal weight and it showed on her hips.

We need to eat more local produce that is the right one for our mitochondria and the light environement it senses. Penny was getting lots of sun but was not eating according to the environemt her mitochondria was sensing.

When Penny changed to eating more local produce like pechay, broccoli, coconut oil, and food that did not take so long to be transported to her she became healthier. Penny also stopped the deuterium heavy fruit from Australia but kept on eating the French cheese and delicious lamb (even the fatty parts).

Our food should be locally produced as much as possible and also marry to our genetics and the environment in which we live.

Food for thought?:

Your food is energy and information. It is simply electrons, protons and light (photons). It is ideal if the food you eat matches the environment detected in your skin, eyes and gut. An Eskimo should not eat bananas flown in from the Philippines. A Filipino should not eat fruit out of season even if flown in from a great organic producer of food like Denmark. The clue is the term “out-of-season”. If it is out of season where you live it should be out of consideration to eat.

See the light:

Fruit like watermelon grow in the long light cycles of summer and not winter. This fruit is loaded with deuterium (heavy water) which is linked to the sun so you can deplete the deuterium in the sun. If you eat this watermelon out of season you are simply slowing down your mitochondrias ability to make the energy you need to thrive.

The watermelon is giving information and energy to your mitochondria that is not in sync with what your eyes and skin perceive and the result is reduced energy and increased inflammation.

Did you know?:

DHA collects electrons and has the ability to make a DC electric current in humans. DHA tames inflammation.

Take action:

Go seasonal with your produce. Aim for quality. Understand that you are nourishing / energizing your body AND brain.

Simply start by eating more of the good stuff. Love that and appreciate it. Let the good crowd out the junk / bad / out-of season / highly processed.



20 Reasons eggs rock

My record for eating eggs over a 2 hour period is 46 eggs. My HDL cholesterol is high (exactly what you want) and my triglycerides are low (exactly what you want). My son has eaten 20 eggs for breakfast. Twice. He is now 15 years old and 6 foot tall.


When did eggs become bad for us? How could a packet of sugar cereal be better?

25% of our brains are cholesterol. It is essential for life.

Sulphated cholesterol allows us to absorb essential vitamin D through our skin and eyes.

Cholesterol lowering meds are very good for the profit of Big Pharma.

  1. Eggs taste great and are easy to prepare.
  2. Eggs are inexpensive and increase satiety so you become less hungry.
  3. Eggs are an excellent source of energy for your body and brain.
  4. Eggs are extremely nutritious so as to help improve your brain, bones, skin, teeth, hair, nails, eyes, heart, mood, muscles, satiety, energy levels and overall body health and functioning.
  5. Eggs contain Vitamin A which maintains the skin, immune system and normal vision.
  6. Eggs contain Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin which aids in energy metabolism, red blood cells, vision, digestion and nervous system functioning.
  7. Eggs contain Vitamin B5 or panothenic acid which aids in energy metabolism and mental functions.
  8. Eggs contain Vitamin B7 which aids in energy metabolism, maintains skin, hair and immune system.
  9. Eggs contain B9 or Folic acid which aids blood formation and tissue growth during pregnancy.
  10. Eggs contain Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin which aids in energy metabolism, red blood cells, immune and nervous system funtioning.
  11. Eggs contain Choline which aids fat metabolism and liver function.
  12. Eggs contain Vitamin D which helps keep bone and teeth health and aids in absorption of calcium.
  13. Eggs contain Vitamin E which keeps reproductive and nervous system and muscles healthy.
  14. Eggs contain Iodine which aids thyroid gland function, maintains skin and nervous system.
  15. Eggs contain Iron which is needed in red blood cell production and transport of oxygen.
  16. Eggs contain Phosphorous which maintains bone and teeth and aids energy metabolism.
  17. Eggs contain protein for building and maintaining muscles, organs, skin and tissue and for production of antibodies, enzymes and hormones.
  18. Eggs contain Solenium which is a potent mineral that protects cells from oxidative damage, maintains immune system and aids thyroid function.
  19. Eggs are rich in omega 3 fatty acids especially DHA which helps maintain brain function and normal vision.
  20. A healthy way to cook eggs is steaming them. Poaching is good too or fried lightly in grass fed-butter , coconut oil or olive oil.

Food for thought:

Quality whole eggs are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

My story:

As mentioned, my record for eggs is 46 big ones. My teenage son has eaten 20 twice and is now 6 foot at 15 years of age.

My cholesterol numbers are elite and get shared by the smart doctors in the US. Other doctors would prescribe me statin DRUGS despite my great skin, sleep, energy and weight. When I ate breakfast cereal, ate bread and pasta my cholesterol numbers were bad. Coincidentally I was a little chubby, had bad skin and lacked energy.


Ferdie did not like the sun and it gave him a headache. Was it the sun’s fault or maybe tropical Filipino Ferdie was weak.

Ferdie also had a slight allergy to eggs. Was this the eggs fault or maybe Ferdie had a leaky gut from too much technology and glyphoste poisoned bread and pasta?

Do not blame the sun or egg for your weakness. Generally speaking it is because of you.

Once Ferdie “practiced” the sun more and became accustomed to it it no longer gave him a headache.

Once he eliminated cheap and nasty glyphosate (see chapter 18) poisoned grains he was able to enjoy delicious and nutritious and energy dense eggs. Even up to 10 a day.

Ferdie also lost 22 pounds in 21 days and NOW loves eggs and his darker complexion. He also has more energy of course. No more headaches or anxiety.

He lost the weight because he had more energy, more stored energy and slept great.

Food for thought?:

When did eggs become bad for us? When we were less diseased we ate more eggs. How could eating a boxed sugar cereal GARBAGE be better than an egg? Maybe we became “egg heads” (me too) as we were brainwashed by clever marketing?

See the light:

Did you ever see in egg yolk and have it remind you of the sun? Good quality eggs have harder shells and have a richer yellow / orange color.

Did you know?:

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and a lot of people were conned into thinking they are bad for you. Even educated doctors fell for it (though heavly influenced by drug companies and studies they funded to get the results they wanted). We need cholesterol and it is myth that it is bad.

Cholesterol is a powerful antioxidant, heals inflammation, heals arterial damage, is needed for hormones (like hormone / vitamin D) and is needed to produce seratonin. Why would we want to reduce it?

Maybe it helps make the drug companies HUGE profits as we slip further into decline / disease.

Take action:

Buy some eggs. Crack them. Eat them. Love them. Good for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner.

We have 4 energized and vibrant people in our household and we buy 5 to 6 dozen eggs a week. Yummy,


2 thoughts on “The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Energy dense foods to enjoy and 20 Reasons eggs rock.”

  1. Hi Chad, I’m pleased to have seen this, as I had the impression that fruit and veg were not part of your regime and it was more carnivore. In fact I am and have been eating as your article suggests.
    I’ve been following Paleo/ keto with odd days of higher carb veg.
    I often refer to Nora Gedgaudas’ book beyond Paleo as it is packed full of references and practical advice.
    I’ve begun using a cold magnesium plunge pool – will work up and a daily paddle in the ocean. Not on a bay so sitting there is too hard.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. I think the best way to eat is determined by what light your eyes and skin “see”. Hence, a seasonal approach with more quality carbohydrates in summer and less in winter like an Eskimo would eat. An Eskimo would not eat the same way as an equatorial African.

      I prioritise seafood and quality eggs. Grass fed meat if available and great carbohydrates like green veg, pickled veg etc. I love nuts, extra virgin olive oil, European cheese etc.

      Our water is critical too and why I love European water like San Pellegrino.



      P.S. What part of the world are you from and living?

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