5 Star Review for Primed Home Cooks – “High Fat / Keto”. Photo story of a great day.

So happy our client and her friends were delighted with our services.

*** We prepared great food, served it and cleaned up after.

Experienced Cook or chef

Susan H. said “Chad and Deb did an outstanding job of preparing a delicious lunch. The food was yummy and healthy. The fact they cleaned up and stayed back to serve meant as the hostess, I got to spend time with my guests, feeling relaxed and stress free.”

We shopped for our client and bought excellent quality food.

Our food was nutritious, delicious and fresh. Made with passion and love.

The highlight was Primed Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. Deb is a great cook and this dish was voted #1. Cool.

The Pickled veg Kinilaw was also popular.

Deb’s dustless quiche were sensational. Deb made Bacon and Leek as well as a pure vegetable batch.

The ladies also liked their Primed Kimbap Wraps of cream cheese, kimchi, cucumber and carrots.

I made some Oven roasted squash and pumpkin with garlic and sautéed broccoli. Also another dish of oven baked tomatoes with cheddar cheese.

Deb arranged two beautiful appetiser platters for Sue and her friends.

The sautéed onion with mackerel was super tasty and was an accompaniment for the squash / pumpkin dish and pickled vegetable Kinilaw. The boiled eggs were also a side for the Kinilaw.

I had fun serving some fabulous ladies.

We were honoured to have the fun company of Billy.

We also ensured Sue has excellent food for the week ahead.

We loves looking after a wonderful host in Sue and her friends. It made us as happy as Bubblez is when running along St. Kilda pier.

Bringing you a fresh, personalised and flexible menu to suit your individual dietary needs.

  • Great quality nutrition made with love by two passionate cooks;
  • No packaging costs and waste as we cook in your home and store immediately in your fridge and freezer;
  • No food deterioration from food delivery services where it sits in a van along with other pre-packed stuff;
  • Freshest ingredients for optimal health;
  • We only use the healthiest of quality fats like coconut oil, lard, butter, duck fat and extra virgin olive oil.

  • We can also do corporate events, dinner parties, pantry clean outs, cooking lessons and education sessions to help understand our Primed philosophies for optimal health.
  • We are passionate, dedicated and skilled.
  • We love to cook and deliver excellent quality nutrition.
    Price of $250 for Deb and Chad for 4 hours or $450 for 8 hours
    Can have great food prepared for an entire week

2 thoughts on “5 Star Review for Primed Home Cooks – “High Fat / Keto”. Photo story of a great day.”

  1. Deborah and Chad: I am very impressed by your venture and absolutely full of delight for your success! We need you here in Montreal, too! My very best wishes for your continued excellent work and pleasure you provide your clients! Lucky them!
    Geraldine Monier…Canada. 11/2/2019.

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