Primed Leah has Reversed Hypertension. Was easily done. Almost 10 pounds gone too without exercise. Energy has improved a lot.

Primed Leah is very proud of herself in the UAE.

Leah is doing great with her fun Primed lifestyle and is off all hypertension and cholesterol meds, has now got her cravings under control, is enjoying a much better quality sleep, has lost 9+ pounds, has “a lot” more energy, has a sharper brain, is more productive at home and work, loved the sun, eggs and green carbohydrates and has a vastly improved immune system.

* Her daughter Sydney is also doing well with improved immunity and less sickness. Yippie. 

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #primedreverseshypertension

Primed Leah and I have met only through skype.

Thanks in advance for buying my book on Amazon kindle Leah.

Interested in going Primed like Rona and ERUPTION (pictured below)?

Text me at 0434-100-564 or email at and skype of primedforyourlife. 


·        Primed is a template for more energy, better brain, body, immune system and improved overall health and happiness

·        Within a week you will notice improved outcomes

·       The return on your investment is PRICELESS

·        It will help your children’s children

·        The support is ongoing and unlimited as I will ALWAYS be there to help

·        I even include your immediate family so they will know better and can make more informed health decisions

·        Mistakes are cool but we learn from them

·        It is not a religion but a guideline

·        The more you do right the more wriggle room you have to do “wrong”

·        The healthier you get the more you want to improve and the more you will do “right”

·        The Primed knowledge is PRICELESS (worth repeating)

·        Once you have helped yourself to a healthier and happier lifestyle it is incumbent upon you to then help others

·        Set the right example, direct them to Primed, be proudly Primed and give your improved energies and brain functioning to those who need assistance

·      The true path to happiness is not in getting more STUFF but in helping others.

Rona Tai Primed

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