The Primed Life – 20 Reasons to avoid glyphosate poisoned grains and TOXIC vegetable oil.

20 Reasons to avoid grains

When aiming for maximum energy and nutrition through our food and environment you’ll see that most grains are low energy, nutrient deficient and not suitable for people wishing to maximize their energy.

The modern grains are not the same as in previous generations. Most grains are poisoned before being harvested with a Monsanto pesticide called Round Up. The poison that causes so much damage is called glyphosate.

Wheat = sugar = poison. The grains cause the following:

  1. Leaky gut = holes in stomach due to the gluten in grains. Would you drink a glass of water with bits of glass in it?;
  2. Brain permeability = a lot of Alzheimer’s, ADHD etc. these day right? Remember, your gut and brain are linked. Your brain is 65% fat;
  3. Huge sugar spike = inflammation and fat storage and ultimately insulin resistance = Type 2 Diabetes once we eat too many cheapo carbs;
  4. Nutrient deficiency due to high calories but no proper nutrition = over fed (fat) yet undernourished (O&U – sick);
  5. Stimulates your appetite so you eat more due to opiate qualities in bread, pasta, noodles etc.;
  6. Does not fill you up and actually switches off your feeling full switch (leptin) so you eat more;
  7. Leaches nutrients from your body so you are even more Overfed & Undernourished;
  8. Blocks absorption of nutrients into your body. Hence, just because you ate it it does not mean the nutrients were absorbed. Grains stop the absorption. Yikes;
  9. Are chemical monstrosities made in a lab then factory. A scientist played with different genes of wheat grass to come up with the Frankenfood they call bread, pasta and noodles!;
  10. Are indigestible to humans and ruin your digestive system. They must be highly processed to be digested;
  11. Affect your immune system so you can no longer fight disease. How can you fight disease when you are eating nutrient deficient, nutrient leaching grass that spikes your blood sugar higher than sugar?
  12. Grains are the seeds of grasses. Cows have four legs and are adapted to eat grass. Humans have 2 legs and are not adapted to eat grass. Sadly, when we feed grains to cows they get sick then fat. Oops, just like humans.
  13. They are POISONED before harvesting. Ok, so, you want to eat the seeds of grasses and are cool with letting the factory processes them highly just so you can have a sandwich. However, did you know the wheat is sprayed with a poison called Round Up before harvesting? The glyphosate in Round Up is not something you want in your sandwich, but it is. This glyphosate is a poison that hurts you.
  14. Grains make you HUNGRY. You will be hungrier when including grains with your food because your increased blood sugar means increased insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So, now your blood stream has less nutrients (stored as fat, leaked through gut and blocked absorption) and your brain FORCES you to eat more because it thinks you are starving. Not cool.
  15. Extra water weight due to increased inflammation. The sugar (grains = sugar) causes inflammation so your body retains water to deal with this. Extra water weight is not something you want.
  16. You get HANGRY. That’s a bad combo of HUNGRY and ANGRY. Blood sugar is spiked when eating sugar bread, pasta and noodles. What goes up must some down so the crash wreaks your mood. Your blood sugar crashes below normal.
  17. When you are hungry more often you eat more, snack more and think of food more often. Here, you are living to eat as opposed to eating to live. There is an opportunity cost of the time you wasted cooking, buying, thinking and eating all that extra nutrient deficient carbage. Just eat real food and you’ll be more satisfied, less hungry and will not have to eat as much or as often. You can spend your time more productively.
  18. Do not support fake food companies that lie in their marketing campaigns as they target you and your children with their rubbish products. If only they spent as much money on developing proper, nutritious food. Support real food farmers and producers.
  19. Grains = sugar = harms your teeth and gums. Floss and brush all you want but you cannot brush away a bad diet.
  20. Grains affect your brain.


My story:

One of the best things I ever did was to give up breakfast cereal, bread, pasta, noodles, muffins, crackers etc. It made a huge difference to me.

It helped clear my lethargy and brain fog so I could learn more about the sun, water and grounding. So I could delve deep into quantum physics and our mitochondria.


Kirsti lived on the 20th floor of an area in Manila with lots of other buildings around her. Kirsti loved to use her cell phone, use the internet and eat bread.

The poison glyphosate in most bread works synergistically with wi-fri radiation to magnify both effects to harm your mitochondria ( from Dr. Stephenie Seneff, Dr. Jack Kruse and other smart doctors ).

Kirsti was exercising a lot inside fake light gyms. Kirsti travelled a lot in planes too. Kirsti could never figure out why she was 30 pounds over weight, lacked energy, had bad skin, bad moods and was generally inflammed.

Food for thought?:

Just because you eat something it does not mean you absorb it and enjoy nourishment from it. Eat a glyphosate poisoned sandwich with good food inside and the poison will stop you absorbing all of the nutrients from the good food. It will also cuase leaky gut and affect your blood bran barrier. You chew and swallow but your brain will not register the nourishment you might think you are eating.

See the light:

Just ditch the grains and see how you feel. That’s all. It is your n = 1. Your own self experiment. Maybe you live in Spain and are healthy. Maybe the grains there have not been polluted by the stench of the Monsanto Round Up glyphosate poison. If those grains are not poisoned and you are healthy and enjoying natural light then no worries, please enjoy. I will even visit you there and have a sandwich with you and a glass of red too.

Did you know?:

They feed pigs and cows grains to fatten them up. To make them even fatter they add low fat products and soy.

To make them even fatter they put them indoors away from the sun.

Once they get fat these poor animals also get sick and get given antibiotics.

Take action:

Use up your grains or give them to your enemy as a present. Include your microwave and sunglasses too.

Then never buy the stuff again and concentrate on eating real quality carbohydrates like cabbage, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato etc.



20 Reasons to stop using toxic vegetable oil and how

We need to nourish both our bodies and brains. Food is both energy and information. It is best to eat energy rich food that is nutrient dense. We should avoid / limit fake foods made in a factory.

  1. Are high in the harmful hydrogen isotope deuterium. We need to eat deuterium depleted food like food that is a product of Photosynthesis and not garbage food made / finished in a factory. These foods are low quality.
  2. Contain oxidized fats due to refining process.
  3. Many are processed with petroleum products.
  4. Free radicals in vegetable oils damage your arteries.
  5. This dysfunction in your arteries is immediate upon eating the vegetable oil.
  6. Generally come from GMO crops.
  7. High in Omega 6 to Omega 3 which is pro-inflammation.
  8. Causes gut disruption due to inflammatory vegetable oil.
  9. Are immune supresants with 80% of your immune system in your gut.
  10. Reduces the total cholesterol needed and vital in your body.
  11. Increases triglycerides which is fat in your blood.
  12. Increases risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and strokes.
  13. Can cause weight gain due to being highly inflammatory.
  14. Treated with chemicals to make color look better.
  15. Avoid margarine too.
  16. Common TOXIC vegetable oils include canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and cottonseed oil.
  17. Read a good book on the subject by David Gillespie called “TOXIC OIL Why vegetable oil will kill you and how to save yourself”.
  18. Instead of toxic vegetable oil use grass fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. Or grass fed lard.
  19. Learn to read your labels and avoid any product with vegetable oil inside. Imagine that they dump this toxic sludge into baby formula? Shameful.
  20. Beware of cheap and nasty restaurants ( some expensive ones included ) that use TOXIC veg oil. This is a very dangerous practice where they should know better. Ask the chef or waiter. If they use vegetable oil it is probably best to leave because they do not care for your health. Great restaurants like The Wholesome Table in the Philippines only use olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

 My story:

I am so happy we never used this stuff. We always deferred to olive oil.

I did unwittingly eat it when dining out though. Also when I used to buy chips and other packet garbage products.


Billy was relatively healthy and loved his golf. During his 1 month golf holiday with his buddies he loved to eat the local fried food “delicacy”at the golf course. This was fried in TOXIC canola oil which they did not change very often either thereby making it EVEN MORE rancid.

On the final week of his fabulous golfing adventure that he had looked forward to all year poor young Billy had a heart attack.

The doctors could not figure out why. Before he left the hospital they recommended he go on a low-fat diet, switch to vegetable oil and they prescribed him statin drugs.

Billy did not make the golf trip the follwing year because of his stroke and second heart attack.

His doctors were still perplexed because there was no history of heart attacks in his family. Poor Billy. He never recovered. Pity he did not read this book during his time in hospital because he spent it watching TV under intense fake lights that made his recovery WORSE. Marry that with their dietary advice and you can see why Billy never played golf again.

Food for thought?:

Dr. Cate Shanahan interviewed heat attack patients in New Zealand. 100% of them had vegetable oil in their food prior to their heart attack.

See the light:

If you currently have vegetable oil at home maybe see if it is a good shoes polish. Maybe use it on squeeky doors. Please, do not eat this TOXIC mess of a SLUDGE,

Did you know?:

They have to bleach this TOXIC vegetable oil (is not made from vegetables) just so it looks and smells edible. Otherwise it would look and smell like what it is – INDSTRIAL WASTE packaged to fool an ignorant consumer.

Take action:

Stop using it immediately.

Never buy it again.

Read all ingredients on all packaged foods to ensure this GUNK is not inside (they dump it in baby formula and food).

Do not dine in restaurants that use this GARBAGE. Ask the waiters or the chefs.

Support cool restaurants like The WholesomeTable in the Philippines that NEVER, EVER use toxic vegetable oil. They know better so they do better.

This great company is also Primed.

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