Primed Sydney nurse Jane is rocking it. So much so even her Doctor is “amazed”.

Happy weekend Chad. I had my blood test last week you wont believe the results that even my GP was so amazed…

I had blood tests done..including cancer markers because I had few episodes of panic attacks. I had my work up last week. Lots of blood test were done. When I went back to my GP I was so amazed to find out how healthy I am that even my GP asked what is my secret?

To give you a bit of a back ground…more than a year ago I was diagnosed with vit. D deficiency and put on supplements. My insulin level was higher than normal which my GP then said that I am most likely to have type 2 diabetes if I am not careful with my diet.

Then I started primed….after a year I have my repeat bloods…

My Vit D level is by far at its highest level…and this what amazes me chad…you probably wont believe that my bad cholesterol is lower than normal to which my GP commented that I am rare…
He could not believe when I told him that I can consume 6 to 8 eggs/day to which many believed that egg is not good for your health.
My insulin level is now back to normal…

See you soon Chad. I cant thank you enough dor coming into our are one of the many blessings we have.

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