Primed Peter is minus 5 pounds and up in energy, sleep quality and outlook. He is loving his fun and natural Primed lifestyle.

My Primed mate Peter has noticed the following since going Primed a month ago:

  • Much better energy all day

  • A much improved sleep

  • Waking up more refreshed

  • Better bowel functioning

  • Lost 5 pounds already

  • Better clothes fit

  • Feels lighter and brighter

  • No more headaches

  • Less meds with no more required soon

  • Improved outlook

  • Improved peace of mind

  • Enjoying his fun and natural Primed lifestyle

  • Will try regular intelligent fasting with an emphasis on circadian rhythm eating

  • Loves Primed Vegetable Kinilaw and eggs

  • Here is Peter with many chins when we met.

    Here’s Peter with beautiful wife Kai when they went Primed at Centris.

    And now here is Peter after just a month. Primed Peter is looking healthier and happier. He is healthier and happier. We discussed tactics to improve even more.

    Here’s some tropical Filipinos hiding from the sun. Is a Filipino who hides from the sun a true Filipino? Is an Eskimo who cannot handle the cold a true Eskimo? Maybe in name only? Just asking?

    From amazing Primed nurse Agnes in the US:

    “No sweat meal prep

    #primed #thriving


    #gratefuleveryday🎵🎶🙏 “


    Want to go Primed?

    Skype me at primedforyourlife

    Cell of 0929-421-2148

    Email of

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