Cambridge University Press staff are becoming smarter, stronger, healthier and happier.

“Hi Chad,

Thanks for opening our eyes to the world of primed lifestyle.

Just this year, my annual physical exam results indicated the following recommendations. · For Cardiology clearance regarding uncontrolled Hypertension · For weight management and lifestyle modification (appropriate weight: 56.8-66.8 kg)

Fast forward and after your primed lifestyle talk with our team, I’m happy to report that a) I have not been taking my hypertension meds for the past 2 weeks now

b) I’m now closer to my target and ideal weight (I used to weigh 80 kg, now down to 74 kg). J

God speed and keep on sharing your love for primed lifestyle!



“Hi Chad,

I’m losing weight ( and people are noticing )! In just 3 weeks I lost about 7 lbs ( from 175lbs, I now weigh 168 lbs). Just changed my diet and adopted some of your primed recipes like veggies kinilaw, kimbap wrap and banana pancakes.

I removed rice and bread from my diet, used purely olive oil and coconut oil for my cooking, and ate lots of seafood and eggs!

Thanks a lot for sharing your primed lifestyle with us!

Thanks & Rgds,


*** Please note, Primed is not a diet but a fun and natural lifestyle. Food is a maximum of #4 on your path to optimal health. Keto is not the answer. If you think it is then you do not understand the question!! Calorie counting is simply wrong. Exercise only if energized.

“Hello Chad!

I’m doing good! Happy to report that my wife and I has started to lose weight and we’re loving this new lifestyle that you shared with us.

Thank you so much! J

Warm regards,


Newly Primed Paulo and Kim are gaining energy and health. They are losing pounds and lethargy.

Paulo has reversed his hypertension already. Too easy once Primed. Meds not necessary.

All possible because Ritchie rocks. We worked together at Best Western Premier F1 Hotel,

Ritchie now knows that sunglasses are not cool. Definitely not Primed.

Primed is tried and tested for over 4 years already. Thousands of proven stories.

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