Primed Tropical Green “rice”. Haha. Chopped steamed okra with organic virgin coconut oil fried onion and garlic. Added sea salt and pepper. Turmeric would rock too. Optional malunggay, pechay, egg etc.

If you live a truly tropical life then maybe you can enjoy the tropical foods like banana, mango in season and rice. Most people living in the tropics do not truly live tropically unfortunately.

Here’s a simple way to still have a tasty carbohydrate base for your adobo etc. without filling up on nutrient and energy deficient rice. We need to up our energy and nutrient intake because too many are overfed yet undernourished.

I eat rice sometimes but only when I get lots of sun and when I am in prime health.

Here’s a simple picture recipe of my Primed Tropical Green “rice”

Simply sauté onion and garlic in vco or butter. Add salt and pepper (optional turmeric). Add your chopped steamed okra. Add chopped fried egg. Viola. Too easy.

You can then use this as an alternative to your white rice. Or add your rice into this base dish.

I love sardines in olive oil and atchara so I add this to my base dish of Primed Tropical Green “rice”.

I also use home-made pickled ginger instead of atchara. Sarap.

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