Newly Primed Paulo, Kim and family are thriving and loving their fun and natural Primed lifestyle. Another Primed success story from my Cambridge seminar.

Newly Primed Paulo and Kim are gaining energy and health. They are losing pounds and lethargy.

Paulo has reversed his hypertension already. Too easy once Primed. Meds not necessary.

We caught up in Legazpi Park and loved getting our grounding energy and did 3 sets of nitric oxide release.

We had fun in the sun in the park.

*** Please note, Primed is not a diet but a fun and natural lifestyle. Food is a maximum of #4 on your path to optimal health. Keto is not the answer. If you think it is then you do not understand the question!! Calorie counting is simply wrong. Exercise only if energized.

“Hello Chad!

I’m doing good! Happy to report that my wife and I has started to lose weight and we’re loving this new lifestyle that you shared with us.

Thank you so much! J

Warm regards,


All possible because Ritchie rocks. We worked together at Best Western Premier F1 Hotel,

Ritchie now knows that sunglasses are not cool. Definitely not Primed.

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