Roel ROCKS. Roel is THRIVING and wants the same for his team. That makes Roel a GREAT leader.

I love Roel. He is thriving and wants the same for his family and staff. That is cool.

This is why I gave him some stuffed toys and match box cars. I desperately want all the GN Power staff to thrive and inspire and help their families to be healthier and happier.

Roel has vastly improved energy, has better skin, feels great and positive, has lost over 10 pounds, is getting a flat stomach, is becoming smarter, stronger, happier and healthier. That’s Primed.

Roel’s children are Bea, Roel and Andrea. Set the right example and they will follow.

You must look after yourself first. Just like Jhona and Marvin are doing with their children.

This is not true. Food is #4. More important is their environment, lifestyle, drinks and thoughts. Maybe even meal timing. Food is important but not the most important.

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