I do not like Luis. I love him. He is so cool. He is rocking it Primed for himself, his wife Jocelyn, his baby boy Joshua, his friends like Hendrix and others…. Already down 9 pounds and counting.

Primed Luis is fabulous. I really love this guy.

Primed Luis is making the rest of his life the best of his life. That rocks.

Here’s a great toy for the son of Luis Joshua.

Primed Luis:

– Is already 3 weeks without rice

– It is more important to ditch POISONED GRAINS than rice. Bread, pasta and noodles are poisoned with glyphosate

– Has lost around 9 pounds. Has gone from 94 kilos to 90. No gym, meds or supplements

– Is enjoying his Regular Intelligent Fasting. It is easy once you eat nourishingly and sunplement

– Has a lot more energy

– Loves eggs

– Loves a nice salad with added fats like seafood, egg, olive oil…

– Does not eat crappy Starbucks anymore

– Has more energy and stamina for boxing and exercise

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