Celebrating Filipino elders who are thriving. There are valuable lessons here. Just like Steve Jobs also taught us valuable lessons.

Meet Cecilia Rocafort. A Filipina whose life is to be celebrated. So many great lessons to learn from her.

My grandmother is 95 years old and her secret or the reason why she’d reached this age is that she’s sleeping early, she only eats vegetables,fruits and fish and everyday.

She does her walking routines. Moreover, she prays every day at 6pm in the evening and 3 am in the morning and she can still wash her clothes.

Furthermore she doesn’t have an illness eventhough she’s already 95 years old.

Cecilia should be super proud of her beautiful, talented and smart granddaughter who has a lot of kindness and gratitude in her heart:

” thank u chad and I’m blessed that I met you because I’ve learned a lot from you.”

Gina with her great friend Che.

Below is Gina with her cool and handsome Primed hubby Reguel.

These fabulous families all adopted the fun Primed lifestyle one sunny day in Los Baños. Of course I gave them all a Primed organic vco each.

Then we had another follow up breakfast meeting and swim at my place. We had a sensational Primed breakfast and chat about their successes and how to improve even more.

So, what did Steve Jobs teach us? He carried his iPhone in his back pocket. He died at 56 from pancreatic liver cancer. He did not allow his children to use his gadgets.

Would you prefer to live long and well like Cecilia or short term like Steve? It is why my cell phone is a cheap one.

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