Primed Vegetarian Kimbap Wrap with cream cheese, kimchi, okra and steamed egg.

– Simply spread European cream cheese (like Emborg) in the middle of your nori seaweed sheet.

– Add your Korean kimchi on top of the cream cheese.

– Add your okra.

– Add your steamed or boiled egg.

– Optional cucumber, carrot sticks, seafood, leafy greens etc.

  • People who love Primed Kimbap wraps include Mike Grogan, Cat Go, Che and Gina.
  • Mike and I had a nice picnic in Ortigas Park.
  • International SOS staff also like Primed Kimbap wraps too.
  • Once Primed with great nutrition you will be satiated and not hungry.
  • Once Primed you become less hungry because you are better nourished. Being hungry a lot is a bad sign that points towards being Overfed & Undernourished. Go Primed and you’ll be on the right path to optimal health. You will have more energy, better sleep, better skin, better immune system and an improve brain and body. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #energyislife❤️

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