Primed Gab rocking her fun Primed lifestyle with vastly improved kidney health.

From one of my favorite former students at Enderun colleges:

“I have got the happiest news ever… for the past five years every year my kidney tests have deteriorated this is the first time in years that my proteinura have lowered I am so frickin happy had to share with my loved ones (you!) the fabulous news! I hope you all a wonderful day awesome health wealth and love. #peacelovelipgloss #nodialysis “

Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei – “Hey chad just wanted to say i have tried some of your Primed recipes and have lost 7 kgs so far. Lots of love from nz gab xx”

Chad Davis -“Way to go Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei. I bet you have more energy, better mental functioning, are less hungry and mysterious ailments are going away. Proud of you. Maintain and improve. Get the sun buddy. Thanks again for introducing me to the Hilltop Hoods on the day we traveled to help the children at Smokey Mountain.. 

Gabrielle Gandriaux Zarei – “Most def! I had a tray of 20 eggs last week and feel as it has definitely given me a lot of energy. No more rice or grains except quinoa which im trying to slowly get out of but none the less feel heaps better. Xxx thx chad will be coming to philippines either december or february and bringing some mates along. Would love to see you hun! Take care xxx”

I love Gab. Gab now lives in the country of my birth – New Zealand.

I only love Aussie hip hop because of Gab.


Having a moment of weakness with pork chops (my ultimate favourite) paired with olive oil kale chips and half an avocado 😋 Chad Davis gotta tag you in this bub xx

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