Primed Jhona, Marvin and children are thriving with their fun Primed lifestyle. Their GN Power colleagues too.

Jhona, Marvin and family:

  • Marvin is sleeping a lot more soundly and enjoying improved vitality in the morning as a result;

  • Marvin is no longer snoring;
  • Their son Jairus has not had an asthma incident since going Primed (the sun and environment play an important role here);
  • Are less tired;
  • Have improved moods (especially in the morning);
  • Are les hungry which equates to more satisfied and satiated;
  • Are loving water and no longer drinking juices;
  • Are enjoying saving money. Their new fun lifestyle is seeing them spend less;
  • They all have more energy and vitality;
  • Their sleep has improved vastly. Now sleeping a little longer with improved quality;
  • It used to be difficult to wake up but is now far easier; and
  • Are enjoying eating more eggs and other Primed recipes.

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