Regular Intelligent Fasting is fun and easy once properly nourished with your fun Primed lifestyle.

Breaking my 24 hour regular intelligent fast with kimchi, French cheese, @downtoearthph sardines in olive oil, broccoli and love. I love myself. I love helping people. Thanks for the kimchi reminder Bill Brummitt (a top childhood friend). I also had Primed banana pancakes with berries and a Primed Cinnamon iced coffee.#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#brownskinrocks #energyislife❤️ #sunshineisenergy☀️#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain

Just one meal for my busy day yesterday. My breakfast was Thai green curried zudles, cherry tomatoes, onion & garlic with fish from @fishmongersdailycatch Also had some nuts, dark chocolate and iced coffee with goats milk from @legazpisundaymarket Ran from Pasig to Roxas Blvd to see Primed Marie at Hotel Jen and then Primed Vanessa & Francis at Diamond Hotel. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter


Only fast once properly nourished and never before.

Make fasting fun and not stressful.

Best to fast after sundown.

When you eat nutrient dense food fasting is easy.

Babies eat well ( breast milk is nutrient dense with 50% fat ) and sleep well. They also must get sunshine.

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