Cassy minus 5 pounds with less exercise. Better sleep, skin and helping family and friends. Fabulous.


  • Is helping her friend Sushmita to eat more energy and nutrient dense food when they have lunch;

  • Has improved sleep habits and sleep quality;
  • Loved her weekend in the sun in Subic and felt great;
  • Is eating more quality food with less low quality carbs like bread, pasta and noodles. Green vegetables are quality carbohydrates;
  • Her family are enjoying the Primed recipes like Primed Vegetable Kinilaw;
  • Has restricted eating much food after 6pm. This is smart regular intelligent fasting. No need to count calories. Eat very well with the best way during daylight hours in line with your circadian rhythm;
  • Is no longer experiencing bloating or constipation;
  • Has lost her 5 pounds in 3 weeks with less exercise than previously and despite less sunshine energy due to rainy season;
  • Is enjoying her food with more eggs and vegetables consumed; and
  • Is recommending the fun Primed lifestyle to her friend. That makes me very proud.

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