Kimbap Wrap with European cream cheese, enoki mushrooms and spicy Korean squid.

Here’s a great, tasty recipe that is very easily prepared.


  • Nori sheets
  • European cream cheese
  • Enoki mushrooms (simply rinse under cool water)
  • Spicy Korean squid (or favorite seafood like sardines in olive oil)
  • Optional cucumber strips, carrot strips, spinach, lettuce……

Please see picture recipe below:

Ensure you wet the end of the Nori sheet before rolling so it sticks together.

This dish takes about 4 minutes to prepare.

Other quality carbohydrates like enoki mushrooms are sweet potato and broccoli.

Once Primed I help you know the following:

  1. What quality produce to produce
  2. Where to buy
  3. How to prepare
  4. That food is only #4 on your path to optimal health.

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