Picture recipe of 3 month Primed Vegetable Kinilaw with Sardines, Anchovies and Cheddar Cheese.

I made this fabulous Primed Vegetable Kinilaw 3 months ago when International SOS had a Primed workshop at our poolside.

Vegetable Kinilaw is simply chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Then add cucumber and tomato. Optional pomelo, sliced radish, zucchini, ampalaya etc.

Then add olive oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

This dish will pickle and lasts for months in your fridge.

I then added cheddar cheese, sardines in olive oil and anchovies in olive oil. Steamed eggs also rock in this dish.

I will teach newly Primed Carlo and Aileen how to make this cool dish.

Always ensure you buy great ingredients from your local farmer’s market.

Walk in the sun and without shoes so you maximise your energy inputs.

Or be like Bob Harper and love cheapo carbs, exercising in a dodgy gym environment and count calories. Once Primed you know exactly why he had his massive heart attack.

Is it time to be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier?

To save time and money?

To fight disease and not feed it?

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