The Primed Life – 20 Ways to optimize your energy and 20 Ways to reduce energy stealers.

20 Ways to optimize your energy

(how to gain energy and how to limit energy stealers)

Life is a balance of energy in and energy out. Your brain and body needs energy to operate throughout the day and also needs stored energy for cellular repair and recovery at night (autophagy).

Energy is life

Natural ways to energize your body and brain for optimal health.

  1. Sunlight is our number 1 source of energy and the reason for the entire food web on the planet. The sun goes and we all go. Morning sun is critical to set our circadian biology. The darker your skin the more sun you need. Any time of day is fine just do not get sun burned through excessive exposure. The sun needs to be on your skin and eyes so it is best in direct sunlight without make-up, glasses, contact lenses, hats, less clothing etc. Detailed explanation in chapter 3 as to the huge benefits of sunlight.
  2. Water – Look for cold water that is Deuterium depleted (see chapter 4).
  3. Grounding – We get the Earth’s negative electrons simply by placing our bare feet on the ground (chapter 5).
  4. Quality Food that is Nutrient and Energy Dense – Like seafood, eggs, green veg, cruciferous veg, nuts, fermented veg, grass-fed meats etc. Explained in more detail in chapters 7 and 8.
  5. Eat within the light cycles which means eat a great breakfast upon waking and try and avoid eating after the sun goes down. This is better for deep sleep and your circadian biology (chapter 9).
  6. Become a nose breather as this is our natural filtering system (chapter 6).
  7. Understand that sleep is life and life is sleep. Prioritize sleep – A lot more dettails in chapter 13.
  8. Have an attitude of gratitude – see chapter 19.
  9. Have positive thoughts and affirmations – Hug yourself – Negative thoughts deplete you (chapter 19).
  10. Try meditation and meditative practices – Learn more and try activities that excite and challenge you.
  11. Enjoy more hugs – Hugs produce oxytocins and aid happiness and a sense of well-being.
  12. Have a sense of purpose – Both a daily purpose and a longer term purpose as part of your overall goals.
  13. Have a giving nature – You get more back when you give. Look for ways to help people even if it is as simple as a smile.
  14. Cold Thermogenesis – see chapter 12.
  15. Be mindful of all the good around you – Become a better observer and seek out the good.
  16. Try Near Infrared saunas and lights –
  17. Enjoy exercise and natural movement in your outdoor environment  and have a daily routine of Nitric Oxide Release which is a fun 4 minute exercise –
  18. Be engaged physically with friends and be engaged physically with your community –
  19. Learn something new daily and have a mindset of growth –
  20. Let go of negative people and let go of the past and forgive, learn and move on

Energy is life Stealers

Fake things that deplete your energy force and diminish your bodies energy.

  1. Fake Light – can increase your blood sugar levels, make your bones weaker, negatively impact your sleep and dehydrate you.
  2. Sugar water – this includes fruit juices, energy drinks, sports drinks, sodas, diet sodas, zero sugar sodas etc.
  3. nnEMF – non-native Electro Magnetic Fields – An indoor existence is unnatural and harmful to our biology.
  4. Fake food – like vegatable oils (canola etc), anything low-fat, GMO soy and soy products, most grains like bread, pasta and noodles, sugar and sugar drinks, grain fed meat, processed meats,
  5. Eating late food before bed and snacking a lot –
  6. Being ungrateful for your past lessons / hardships and those who helped you is being self-centered and energy depleting.
  7. Negative thoughts deplete your energy flows –
  8. Being insular and reclusive sees you missing out on all the benefits of touch, hugs and human interaction which we are programmed to enjoy.
  9. Having no goals in life is like having a ship without a rudder –
  10. Having an entitled and me attitude is energy depleting.
  11. Not being resilient to our environment and living in “safe” temperature controlled environments makes us weak and less adaptable to life.
  12. Being hungry a lot and inward looking sees you missing all the beauty around you
  13. Be open to try new ideas and suggestions
  14. Avoid being sedentary – once you improve your energy use it wisely.
  15. Stress is very harmful so try and limit stressful situations and people.
  16. Spend less time on your cell phone and computer in a virtual / fake world
  17. Do not be reliant on doctors, hospitals and drugs.
  18. What does not grow further withers
  19. Negative friends and influences drain your energy
  20. Eliminate anger, guilt, regret, resentment, blame and worry.

 Optimal Primed Protocols Summary

My story:

I am never one to judge. I have been unhealthy because my energy inputs were a lot less than what was draining my energy. My doing more of the good stuff and less of the bad I became more energized and healthier. Thousands of Primed clients worldwide too. Coincidence? I do not think so.


Harry read my 20 20 Health Insight book and was doing everything to improve his energy inputs. He was getting sun, drinking imported water from Iceland, getting grounded, eating organic food from his local markets and eating seasonally and had great gratitude habits and was a positive soul full of laughter and happiness.

Then they installed a 5G wi-fri meter next to his bedroom. The building opposite his upgraded their cell tower to be ultra “modern” and “advanced”. Harry initially was more enrgized by his lifestyle changes but then used his increased energy to work longer hours indoors under fake lights. He also decided to go to the gym and work out under fake lights at night before bed.

Harry started to forget to turn off his wi-fri at night. His neighbors in the apartment building got upgraded TV antenea reception. They bought more wirsless devices like baby monitors, the latest iphiones etc.

Harry develpoed blood cancer and died 2 years after reading this book. How could food and exercise protect him from this bombardment to his mitochondria?

Food for thought?:

Ever wonder why some homeless people who eat poor quality food yet look better than the people they sometimes ask money from?

Have you observed this before?

See the light:

The sun is the number one way to gain energy by being in a natural environment.

The number one energy stealer / depleter is fake light and a fake environment.

Did you know?:

Bob Harper was the trainer on Biggest Loser in the US. He has / had fame, a fortune and a heart attack. He believed in training hard in gyms, in counting calories and that his heart attack was “in his family genes”.

Take action:

Take stock of what you are doing well regarding energy inputs based on what is written above. Keep doing them and see which factors you can improve. Write out what you will continue to do more of and what you will improve upon.

Take note of what might be stealing / draining your energy. Aim for eliminating or reducing these where you can. Write it out. Have an action plan.

Knowing without the doing is useless.

Once you know better you SHOULD do better.

Do not aim for perfection straight away. Just aim to be Better Every Day.


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