The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Reasons water is critical

20 Reasons water is such a critical component for life on Earth

Water is critical to our mitochondria and cellular biology. It is critical in every aspect of our energy production. ALL animals need water to survive.

Anything that dehydrates you weakens the energy capacity of your mitochondria and thus promotes inflammation and a weakened immune system functioning.

Water forms a battery when irradated by infrared light. This battery is further charged by UV light and drives 100,000 biochemical reactions per second in every cell of our bodies. In other words, water works with IR and UV light. Water absorbs this light through our eyes and skin. This also allows us to make more O2 in our bodies.

As mentioned in the introduction, our mitochondria make water via electron tunneling (celular respiration). Our mitochondrial respiration mirrors photosynthesis in a plants chloropyl.

Our mitochondria does not just make ordinary water. It makes deuterium depleted “light” water. I will repeat this one: Our mitochondrial matrix (energy production / battery) makes “light” water that is deuterium depleted.

  1. Deuterium depleted water is best as deuterium can inhibit biological process inside our cells and decrease energy production inside our mitochondria.
  2. Water comprises approximately 75% of our brain.
  3. Water makes up 83% of our blood.
  4. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells.
  5. Water moistens oxygen for breathing.
  6. Water helps convert food to energy.
  7. Water helps regulate your body temperature.
  8. Water removes waste and protects and cushions your vital organs.
  9. Water cushions your joints.
  10. Water comprises 22% of your bones.
  11. Water makes up 73% of your muscles.
  12. Our body is 65% water by mass.
  13. 99% of all molecules in the body are water.
  14. A 2% drop in the body water content can cause cognitive and organ problems.
  15. Your cells and extra cellular tissues are filled with structured water (negatively charged).
  16. Cellular membranes are hydrophillic surfaces where structured water builds.
  17. Infrared and UV light from the sun penetrate the skin and structures the water in your cells.
  18. Structured water drives cellular mechanics by inducing charge separation.
  19. Healthy cells measure a negative charge.
  20. Quality structured water optimizes your hydration with less water while charging your cellular batteries.

Anything that dehydrates you weakens your energy production and flow.

So, drink more quality water and reduce activities that dehydrate (alcohol, fake lights, cell phone use, wi-fri use, indoor living).

My story:

When I was 48 (three years after starting Primed for your Life) my family and I totally upgraded our water. We now spend quite a lot on quality European water. We live in the tropics where the water is heavier (has more deuterium). European water has less deuterium and is “lighter” and can charge our batteries better.

It is an investment in our own health that we know is worthwhile. We feel better.

I work hard so we can take actions to improve our health (and therefore wealth). We try and avoid things that will be of detrement to our health like having an iphone that will dehydrate us.




Australian lady Karen was getting lots of sun but her vitamin D remained low still. She also works as a nurse doing night shift surrounded by fake lights and machines.

These machines and lights dehydrate her mitochondria and therefore reduced her energy production and flow.

Karen’s problems was compounded by the fact that water in tropical regions carried less energy from the sun because it is “heavy” water (more deuterium in it).

Karen quit night shift, upgraded her water source to be more deuterium depleted and then noticed her vitamin D slowly climb. As it became higher she felt better and more energized.

Generally speaking, the higher your vitamin D is the lower your deterium in your body is. Low vitamin D levels are associated with increased risk of illness. So it follows that increased risk of illness is associated with increased levels of deuterium in your body / mitochondrial matrix.

Food for thought?:

Just because you are in the sun does not mean you will absorb all it’s energy and critical vitamin D. You need to be well hydrated too.

See the light:

Fake lights dehdrate us. Anything that dehdrates us reduces our energy production and flow. This reduces our immunity, increases inflammationa and makes us more susceptible to disease.

Did you know?:

Water in equatorial and tropical regions carry less photonic energy (energy form the sun) than areas of higher altitude and latitude (like Norway for example).

This water has more deuterium in it and is “heavy” water compared to “light” water. It follows that fruits and water dense foods in these regions are also “heavier” with deuterium. They are designed to be eaten by people in the sun in season because the sun help to deplete the deuterium.

Take action:

Drink more water. Make the water cold as it improves your metabolism.

Ensure two big glasses upon waking as we become dehydrated during the night.

Upgrade the quality of your water if you can afford to. Invest in quality water and not gadgets that deplete your water (dehydration). This dehydration reduces the amount of energy in your body and its flow.

Be mindful of fruits with high water content as they might be less than ideal. An example is watermelon and cucumbers in the Philippines and Australia (tropical areas). These contain more heavy water that reduce your energy and energy flow.


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