My Top 5 Primed Venues for Valentine’s Day

1. The Wholesome Table BGC, Rockwell and Salcedo Village

Great organic food, amazing ambiance and fabulous service with charisma and confident smiles.

Atlantis Philippines Dive Resorts and Liveaboards in Dumaguete and Puerto Galera

If you can get away for this Valentine’s week then the top chefs at Atlantis will prepare fabulous Primed dishes for you. Chef Marlon in Puerto Galera and Chef Kath in Dumaguete can prepare the nutritious and delicious meals for you.

Just like at The Wholesome Table their service is first class too. Friendly and confident.

Hai-Chix and Steaks in Ortigas by Chef Ferdie

Great steaks, seafood dishes and live entertainment on Wednesdays. Cool.

Howzat! Sports Bar

Nice open air ambiance, quality food and friendly service. We always enjoy our time at Howzat!

* Also very proud that the Primed lifestyle has helped two MMA fighters win fights and get promoted to the lucrative UFC.

Chihuahua by Primed Inés and Elian

A favorite of Lauren and Christian. Natasha and I love the salads.

Or prepare your own Primed meal at home.

Do not eat this on Valentine’s Day

I might have a glass of red on Valentine’s Day but probably not.

Would DEFINITELY not have:

  • TOXIC veg oil like canola,
  • GMO soy,
  • Grain products like bread, pasta, noodles, crackers and other glyphosate poisoned grains,
  • Sugarade or other sugar drinks including fruit juice,
  • Highly processed meat thingys like spam, hotdog etc., and
  • Refined sugar products.

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