Primed Fresh Filipino Lumpia – Picture recipe

Great Primed nutrition is more than simply food. Our food needs to be nutritious, filling and easily prepared in today’s fas5 paced world. Here’s. A simple, delicious and easily prepared dish inspired by my Filipino mate Primed Mark from Zuellig Family Foundation.


Nori sheets from Korean or Japanese mart (or use lettuce leaves or steamed cabbage)

  • Kesong puti (carabao cheese)
  • Atchara
  • Steamed okra
  • VCO fried egg (optional to sprinkle with chilli flakes)
  • Cucumber (optional)
  • Tuyo in olive oil (or you favorite small fish in olive oil (never toxic veg oil)


Simply lay your nori sheet (or lettuce or steamed cabbageleaf) on your cutting board and follow assembly pic.

Ensure you wet the end of the nori sheet when finally wrapping it up so that it sticks together easily.


This is a dish that is easy to prepare and based on my Primed Kimbap wrap which includes European cream cheese, sardines in olive oil, kimchi and cucumber.

Because of my love for okra, tuyo and atchara I decided to make a Filipino version that actually tastes great.

Adjust to your tastes and seasonal availability of vegetables.

You could also add carrot sticks, omelette slices, spinach, lettuce etc.

If you want a great holiday destination in the Philippines then try Atlantis Philippines Dive Resorts and Liveaboards. They also make the best Primed dishes too.

Their staff are fabulous and are thriving with their Primed lifestyles because their Primed boss ROCKS. He really cares.

Andy and I always enjoy our Primed lunches at The Wholesome Table. They are Primed too.

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