Filipino Fried Rice – so delicious – picture recipe

I have always loved a good fried rice since I was 5 years old and living in Hong Kong.

Here’s a healthy version of fried rice Filipino style.

The amount of butter and vco white rice sautéed with onion, garlic, turmeric, pepper, Himalayan salt and other spices you add to the more nutritious food depends. It depends on your goals, your current state of health, your environment and lifestyle that day and your activity levels. Once Primed you will learn about how critical these factors are.


  • Steamed Okra cut into small pieces

  • VCO fried eggs chopped up
  • Atchara
  • Kesong puti (carabao cheese)
  • Tuyo (small fish in olive oil) cut into smaller pieces
  • White rice mixed with lots of VCO and butter fried onion and garlic with turmeric, pepper and salt


Simply start with your desired amount of onion, garlic, turmeric white rice in your bowl. As mentioned, the amount here might be zero for a type 2 diabetic or 3 spoon fulls for an active, active that day, healthy child or adult. It depends on you and your context. There is no one size fruits all for food, drinks and exercise.

So, mix of our ingredients together and that’s it. Too easy. You could also add a fried egg on top.


Have fun and add your favorite local and seasonal ingredients. Add more seafood and okra and less rice if you need more energy. Ensure you walk in the sun when buying your local ingredients for the market.

You could add grated squash, carrot or even malunggay leaves.

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