Would you rather be healthy and “poor” or “rich” yet diseased / unhealthy?

I was a little shocked and amazed when I saw a poor and “healthy” looking beggar asking for money from an obese and clearly unhealthy “rich” lady.

I see this type of situation a lot as I run / walk to Primed meetings all over metro Manila.

This prompts the question of who is “wealthier”? True wealth is a factor of health not cash or assets. Cash and things do not help much if you are diseased / unhealthy.

When I was at Enderun Colleges we donated our tips to the children at Smokey Mountain by making them food.

Smokey outreach2

Perhaps it was us who needed more help because they might have been healthier than some of us?

Smokey outreach1

Smokey outreach6

Pinky and Gabby are both now THRIVING with their Primed Lifestyle.

Pinky Primed


Smokey outreach

Ines (bottom left), husband Elian, daughter Paloma, her Mum Menggay and friend Lulu are all Primed too.

111Primed Ellen

Ellen and her family are now in Switzerland and all Primed.

111Primed Ellen3

The bottom Line

Being healthy is from where true wealth is derived.

Lots of money is not so cool if you are sick and disease and lack the energy to enjoy it.

It is definitely no fun visiting hospitals and drug stores for your medicines.

Primed is all about helping people from all walks of life to thrive.


Once properly Primed and thriving you then derive true happiness when you help and inspire others.


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