Steamed Eggs Rock

I love great quality eggs. Primed omelettes rock but a simple steamed or boiled egg is cool. I steam my eggs for 9 minutes then put them in an ice bath.

Steamed Bagna Caude dish steam eggs

Steamed eggs 2

Egg w sdt

Steamed Bagna Caude dish18


Which Champ has eaten the most eggs in one breakfast?

Sean A and Christian

Christian ate 20 eggs in Boracay when 13 years old and then again when 14. He is now almost 6 foot tall at 15 years of age.

46 eggs2

My record is 46 which I did when 48 but I feel 21 and act 12. Haha.

Poch eggs

This record has since been beaten. Ironically the new record was set on August 11th (the date of Christian’s birthday). I was heartbroken. Haha. Will not try for 48.


Boiled eggs with bagna caude sauce on top is delicious.

Steamed eggs 1

What is your favorite way to have your eggs?

Sardines with boiled eggs

Analie’s health improved after she started eating more eggs (along with other key Primed protocols).

46 eggs

Rina’s health markers also improved with her key cholesterol ratio improving.

Rina cholesterol

Rina M T2D reversed

Rina M 1


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