PCOS Gone and Primed Marie is Now Pregnant. Yippie.

“I hope a lot of women will try this lifestyle because I know a lot of women are suffering from PCOS and they’re having a hard time getting pregnant. It was just less than a month of being Primed for me! And tada!!!

After years of trying, we are suddenly expecting a baby this year! 🙂

But really, thank you, Chad! Primed is the way to go! It is priceless!!! Our baby is definitely priceless! I can’t thank you enough, Chad for introducing this Lifestyle to us.”


PCOS gone

How Marie, Marcus and Lexi Went Primed

I love fate. Because Judith Staples is our Primed buddy Lauren & I ran this 10km Soleus Philippines race. Because Lauren is Primed she ran well and we met up with Marie Ong at the end of her 21km Soleus race.

We chatted briefly. The very next day Marie, Marcus & Lexi went Primed for your Life at The Wholesome Table (thanks again Bianca Araneta-Elizalde ). I guaranteed Marcus, Marie and Lexie Ong will rock it. They will save money too. They will live longer and better.

Marie Ong rocks
Medicines, Supplements and Excessive Exercise are NOT the Answer

Marie PCOS

Giving up grains and the poison glyphosate is a great start to reversing PCOS. It is but one measure among many Primed protocols that clearly work.

Another example among many is Primed Mae from When in Manila.


The Final Words

PCOS Goneski

Once Primed you have the energy to exercise if you want to. Primed people never exercise to lose weight. That is a mugs game. Never exercise at the expense of sleep, at the expense of valuable time with your family, fueled by carbage or in a bad environment.


A lot of People Have Reversed Asthma and More Since Going Primed

Primed reverses

Make a great decision to become healthier and go Primed. It works.

  • Text Chad at 0929-421-2148

  • Email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com

  • Skype me at primedforyourlife

To do Healthy

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