Abs for Primed Erik from University of Sto. Tomas

I love the girlfriend of Primed Erik because she put him onto my blog site. Thanks Tabel. Tabel will definitely be part of my Gratitude exercise in the sun tomorrow morning.


Time to put on the #Jedi glasses and awaken the force! — with Tabel Dualan at Robinsons Galleria,.

Erik and I met up near Ultra and did some hill repeat runs. After 4 hill repeats Erik was huffing and puffing so we stopped and we discussed some cool Primed protocols for him to get stronger and smarter.


What Erik Changed to Become More Primed:

  • Erik was already doing some regular intelligent fasting but was still eating blood sugar spiking, nutrient deficient, vitamin D blocking poisoned grains


  • Erik got rid of these poisoned grains by using Habit Streak. After going 6 days without he would reward himself with delicious Dark Chocolate

Optimal Primed Protocols cheat with dark chocolate

  • Erik eats lots of great quality carbohydrates like green vegetables and no longer touches bread and other poisoned grains
  • Erik still trains with kettle bells and runs but not as much. The Primed way is to concentrate on quality over quantity.
  • Erik still has some rice but mainly at night post exercise and provided he got some good sun on his body.


What Primed Benefits Erik Noticed 

  • Erik noticed he has a lot more energy
  • Erik sleeps better (which helps him feel energized)
  • Erik’s recovery is fabulous now the day after his workout
  • Erik does not fart any more!


Erik is healthy and happy. He is fighting disease. his body and brain are working optimally. That’s Primed.


Once Primed Your Job is to Influence and Help Others:

  • Erik is positively impacting all his students at the University of Sto. Tomas
  • Other faculty are noticing like Joan Castor with her Primed Success Story here.
  • Erik’s parents are slowly coming on board to the Primed Lifestyle and have made a great change in using coconut oil only now and NEVER toxic veg oil (actually from seeds)



I did a Primed seminar for 900 cool students at Uni of Sto. Tomas because of my Primed mate Erik Valenzuela. Found out that Joan Castor has been following Primed and has already lost 10 pounds and gained a lot more energy. So cool. Primed is the future for great health which the smart students and faculty here will surely discover. The others will keep doing what they are doing with the same results.

#PrimedForYourLife #eatmoreeggs #primedreversestype2diabetes#primedreverseshypertension #primedreversesdysmenorrhea#sunshineisenergy #energyislife


From Erik: “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I get my hands on VCO…

Brewed coffee w/VCO. Protein shake with VCO. Post work out massage with VCO. Sisig fried in VCO Chicharon bulaklak cooked in VCO
Oil pulling with VCO. VCO on my hair. VCO on my face. VCO on my skin. VCO on my body. VCO for… ok gonna stop right here 😂 #primed — with Chad Davis.”


Primed Erik is definitely making the rest of his life the best of his life.



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