Carbs are DEFINITELY NOT the ONLY source of energy for the brain or body

I just read in a magazine here that “Carbs are the ONLY source of energy for the brain.” Too SAD. SAD of course is the acronym for Standard American Diet that many believe has led us to a worldwide epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease to name but a few ailments.

The above statement is absolutely incorrect and reflective of the ignorance and misinformation that has led most people down the path of ill health.

It is definitely and absolutely a myth that the brains preferred fuel source is glucose and can only run on glucose. This myth is usually perpetuated by people selling sweet carbo laden, diabetes prompting, food like products, such as the totally unnecessary gels and sports drinks, consumed by too many too often.

MIM 2015 gels

Dr Eric Westman (one of the worlds leading doctors) asserts that “Your brain can make glucose itself and your brain can actually run on keytones. The key biochemistry and physiology reality is that the body, liver and kidneys can make glucose without eating any carbohydrates at all.

Carbohydrates are not an essential nutrient.”

Carbos suck

Dr. Eric further asserts “Carbohydrtaes are not an essential nutrient and your body can make all the carbohydrates/glucose it needs internally.” Examples include many tribes such as the Inuit in the arctic, arctic explorers and many, many athletes now switching to this preferred fuel source of their body and brain.

I ran my Philippines personal best marathon time of 3:30:01 at Condura as a fat burner with less than 40km run training average per week. I also biked 90km the morning before the race and ran fueled on virgin coconut oil.

Condura post race


Saturated fats are an ideal fuel for your mind and body. Your brain is 60% fat and mother’s milk is 50% fat. Carbs are definitely not the ONLY source of energy for your brain. “Brain cells function with far greater efficiency when they are utilizing fat (ketones) as a fuel source as opposed to sugar.” Neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter.

Grain Brain1

From Super Healthy Mark Sisson:

“At any one time, the total amount of glucose dissolved in the bloodstream of a healthy non-diabetic is equivalent to only a teaspoon (maybe 5 grams). Much more than that is toxic; much less than that and you pass out.

That’s not much range for a so-called “preferred” fuel, is it? From Mark Sisson.

Brain health

Primed Ultra Marathon Runners and Trail Runners Rocking It

Rose and Andy just won their 160km and 50km ultra marathons Primed/LCHF. Virtually no carbs but quality fat as their fuel source.

Fat Tank

From Rose: “This time I never get hungry during the whole 30 hour race. I loved my very good olive oil and nuts. It is really amazing!”

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