11 Reasons Why You Chose To Eat Healthily


Of course, there are more benefits than just the 11 stated.

Here are some more benefits of adopting a Primed Lefestyle.


Other Benefits Include:

12. Better mental clarity means better thought processes

13. Less sleepy in the afternoon – means increased productivity

14. Less period pain and associated menstrual issues

15. Regular bowel movements (no more constipation)

16. Fixed mysterious back pains and other arthritic type of ailments

17. Saving MONEY by not buying junk “food”, soft drinks and other processed rubbish

18. WEIGHT LOSS (less risk of associated obesity illnesses like diabetes, hypertension etc.)

19. Appreciating proper food more with enhanced taste buds (not sugar dulled ones)

20. Can actually eat more quality food so you feel more content and happier

21. Pride in yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle which contributes to self-confidence

22. Will save even more MONEY in the long run through preventive maintenance

Over-fed and under-nourished5

The Real Food Pyramid Below

Food Pyramid

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