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20 Reasons we need an attitude of gratitude and positivity

Gratitude is the Mother of all virtues and a critical component of our overall wellbeing. If you are not grateful for what you have now why would you be grateful with more?

Gratitude is the powerful process of shifting your energy (increased energy once Primed) to bringing more of what you want in your life. Use your positive energy to attract positive outcomes and people.

It is also important to hold value in what is really important such as health and the ones you love as opposed to material things.

“Be grateful for the things you don’t have that you do not want.” Bob Dylan

I am so grateful to have had a job I love in Melbourne.

I am grateful for my boss and her family including 3 cool cats (Tiger, Minnie and Panda). So very grateful for my fabulous colleagues like Tony (Morong), Joyce, Ewa and Etelka (pictured above). I write them into my gratitude journal daily. I also show them my gratitude through my actions.

  1. It makes you feel good. You can feel good by simply being grateful.
  2. It helps give you a sense of abundance. Practice it daily.
  3. You appreciate others more and shift your focus away from just your wellbeing to the wellbeing of others.
  4. It improves your confidence by setting your inner compass towards helping others and not being selfish. This confidence booster helps you feel good about yourself.
  5. Puts your life into perspective. Life is a big lesson from which to learn and improve yourself. There will always be people worse off than you who are happy and grateful. Why is that? Learn their lessons. Read their books. Make positive steps forward daily if you can. My motto is B.E.D. Better Every Day and emphasising the importance of sleep.
  6. When you embrace gratitude and positivity you improve your self-esteem and feel better about yourself. Write down what you are grateful for and express it.
  7. It makes you more patient and open to the good that will come your way. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by being too hasty.
  8. Gratitude helps you forgive (no need to forget). Holding resentment eats you up and diminishes your energy. What is done is done. By all means act if aggrieved but do not allow these negative feelings to fester. Take power from your actions without allowing them to over-power you.
  9. Gratitude helps you learn from your mistakes or the mistakes done onto you. These mistakes can be a burden or a lesson. It is up to you.
  10. Helps you to embrace change. Be grateful for your past lessons and blessings as well as your current lessons and blessings. Do not forget your future lessons and blessings. Embrace change.
  11. Gratitude is up to you. You are in control. Do not let other people steal your ability to feel grateful for all that has been good, is good and will be good. Sometimes not getting what we thought we wanted is a blessing because something better eventuated.
  12. Express gratitude freely and often without expecting a return. Tell random people you appreciate their smile. Tell a loved one why you love them.
  13. Gratitude allows you to enjoy life’s small pleasures and treasures. You do not need something big to happen to feel grateful. Be grateful for the sun, the blue sky, your friends, your health, your daily food, the cute dog, your best feature etc.
  14. It is important to express your gratitude. Take note of how the person you express gratitude to responds. Take note of how you feel. Both are important.
  15. Book end your gratitude. This means to wake with gratitude and reflect on all your blessings. I write it down in my gratitude journal whilst getting grounded in the sun each morning. Then, before bed, revisit your gratitude journal. Add to it if you wish. The important part is to reflect on the positive people and events so you smile and feel good. Let go of the negative as these emotions deplete you and will affect your sleep.
  16. Remember, it is not happiness that brings us gratitude. It is gratitude that brings us happiness.
  17. Gratitude improves overall health both physically and psychologically.
  18. An attitide of gratitude helps give you peace-of-mind and helps you to become more optimistic and likeable.
  19. Gratitude deepens your relationships and helps you make even more friends.
  20. Gratitude also helps you to become more alert, alive, vibrant and energized. It is a positive feedback loop where the more gratitude you cultivate in your life the more you will find to be grateful for. As mentioned above, your positive attitude and grateful demeanor will attract more good to your life.

My story:

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and for that I am grateful. I have learned from these life lessons.

I have seen quite a lot of hardships and I am grateful for that too because it makes the good times even better.

I am grateful for all my blessings in the past, present and future.


Raj had a big house, lots of cash, 4 expensive cars and would travel all over the world. Raj was grateful for material things and not worried about his health.

He was not energized and could not properly experience the joys of his travels.

Raj valued his money over his health. He was not grateful for what was truly important.

Then he got a DVT due to his constant travel and poor immune system.

Then his blood clot burst and he Raj is no longer with us.

His brother Ravi inhereted some of the riches of Raj because Raj and his wife could not have children.

Ravi did not live that long either because he had a similarly poor lifestyle and died at the same age as Raj (42).

Do you think it was genetics or lifetyle and environment. It was not genetics but because each brother did not have enough energy inputs and did too many things that stole their energy.

 They lacked gratitude for the most basic of human needs: health. They chased wealth at the expense of health. They were rich with lots of stuff but not what really mattered.

Food for thought?:

Being grateful for a simple, nourishing meal probably energizes that meal more than being ungrateful for an expensive restaurant meal.

See the light:

Being grateful is something to practice and cultivate. Have a daily gratitude journal. Express gratitude through words and / or actions to people you are grateful for.

Learn to be grateful for all things both big and small.

Did you know?:

Hugs reduce anxiety and strengthen your immune system. So, be grateful for all the hugs you get and give. Hug a tree. Hug your pet. Hug your friends. Be grateful for this fun and rewarding human bonding. Hugs are free just like the sun’s energy and energy from grounding.

Take action:

Buy your gratitude journal and start it today. I have a page for each new day with a big love heart in the middle for those most special to me. You do not have to write a lot. Just think of all the great things and people in your past, present and future and write it down. Feel good about it all.

Being more mindful of all the good around you aids a compassionate and grateful heart. Observe more and actively look for the good in people and places.

In your gratitude journal add a section for Positivity. Write statements like “I rock.” “I am cool.” “I am loved and loving.” “I am healthy.”


20 positivity questions for you to answer

The greatest love of all is that you have for yourself. Affirm it daily and it is easier to love others.


  1. What is positivity to you?
  2. Can you identify facets in your life wherein it is important to be positive?
  3. When the going gets tough, what is your mantra?
  4. Please site an example of when you have you overcome diversity? What did you do and what was your attitude?
  5. In a perfect world, describe your version of a positive culture.
  6. How important is it to spread this kind of positive attitude?
  7. Who do you know who is super positive? What are their positive behaviours you might like to emulate?
  8. At what point in your life did you realize that being positive or having a positive mindset is an advantage?
  9. Knowing that you are an influential person, are you more conscious about sending positive changes to others through the things that you can do? How?
  10. Who do you turn to for inspiration or motivation?
  11. What activities contribute to your positivity and overall well-being?
  12. Being blessed with many things in life, mention 5 things you are most grateful for today.
  13. Being blessed with many things in life, mention 5 things you are most grateful for from your past.
  14. Being blessed with many things in life, mention 5 things you are most grateful for that will happen in the future.
  15. Is there such a thing as being too positive? Why?
  16. What kind of music gets you into a positive mood no fail? (You can be specific, top 5 songs if you like)
  17. What kind of activities get you into a positive mood without fail? Top 5 feel good activities.
  18. What message would you give to your 16 year old self? (Begin with “Dear 16 year old me,…”)
  19. What would you tell your future self 10 years from now?
  20. If you had a time capsule and you were given a chance to place something or leave one message there, what would it be and why?

Why not fill this in and share with your loved ones. Share with the people who matter most to you. Just copy then paste into an email or word document.

Positivity quote

My story:

See my answers to a positivity exercise here:

Ask me at and I’ll happily email my reply to these questions to you.

Here’s some excerps below:

>> 1. What is positivity to you?

Positivity is how I live my life. It is ingrained in me to be positive, always look on the bright side of life and try to be a positive influence on those around me. I only found out that I was adopted when I was 30 years old. I was not worried or concerned at all. My wine glass is always half full and I always look on the bright side of life.


A hard working couple had a lot of wealth but no gratitude, no health and were never positive. They seemed to like being negative.

They were both stressed a lot, never looked at the bright side of life and both died of heart attacks at the age of 56.

Food for thought?:

Being positive is easier when you are at peace with yourself. Enjoy your successes and mistakes. Learn from them both.

See the light:

Train yourself to see the good in every situation.

Did you know?:

Positivity improves your brains ability to make better decisions and boost your immune system?

Take action:

With your improved energy from your Primed lifestyle answer these questions above. It is fun.

Let go of negative people.

Jack let go