The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Great podcasts and books from which to learn, grow and enjoy.

20 great podcast to listen to for improved knowledge

My favorite include anything with Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Stephenie Seneff and comedy. It is important to relax and laugh so I included some comedy in my list of 20.

  1. Chad Davis / on the podcast with Mike Grogan –
  2. Stephenie Seneff –
  3. Chad Davis / Primed for your Life on The Chief Life podcast –
  4. Jack Kruse on The Chief Life –
  5. Jack Kruse on podcast and youtube –
  6. Jack Kruse on podcast and youtube –
  7. Jack Kruse –
  8. Jack Kruse –
  9. Jack Kruse –
  10. Jack Kruse –
  11. Jack Kruse –
  12. Jack Kruse –
  13. Zach Bush –
  14. Chad Davis / Primed for your Life –
  15. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Joseph Mercola – AS1gQgnUf5A
  16. Joel Gould –
  17. Stasha Gominak –
  18. Comedy podcast from TEAM Effort –
  19. Comedy podcast with Tony Martin –
  20. Podcasts with comedian Stephen Fry –



Dr. Jack Kruse on Up For a Chat:

Dr. Gábor is from Hungary.

The podcast above with Dr. Gábor is called Gut Health Gurus.

Listen to Dr. Jack Kruse, Jason Bowden Smith Dr. Laszlo Boros and Nathan Walz too
My podcasts:

My story:

I was unhealthily exercising up to 24 hours per week (sometimes 4 hours a day). What a waste of time that was because I had a shin splint injury, was not energized, still had love handles and was no where near optimal health.

The best part was that most of my running was outside where I got the benefit of the sun.

I also loved to listen to podcasts as a means to educate myself about my then sport of triathlon. While running to work early one morning I listened to Mark Sisson from the Primal Blueprint talk about how nutrition was important in sporting endevours. Wow, I never really considered that properly in my 45 years of living. I thought I was eating healthily but soon discovered that by simply eliminating all grains and sports drinks my energy levels and life improved dramatically.

I lost the love handles and went from a chunky 75 plus kilos to a lean machine of 64 kilos. I improved my full ironman time from 14 hours and 7 minutes to 11 hours and 40 minutes in just 8 months or so. That is a whopping difference of 2.5 hours with even less training than previously done. I was able to run my personal best marathon time of 3 hours and 28 minutes AFTER biking for 180 kilometers (6.5 hours on the bike).

Listening to the podacasts set me up for success and I have kept learning from them almost every day since.

The best part was stumbling over the “best” person to learn from. That was Dr. Jack Kruse who is a fabulous neurosurgeon in the US. He is also an oral surgeon / dentist and quantum physics expert. Mark Sisson lit my fuse for better health but Dr. Jack helped me reach the moon. I am very grateful for all I have learned from his wise teachings.

* The pic on the left below is from 2011 when a ran a lot on the right is 2019.


A Danish man with blonde hair and blue eyes was living in cold Copenhagen. His name is Kurt. Kurt listened to a podcast about how fabulous it is to be a raw vegan. Kurt was super healthy and lean at 6 foot tall. His Danish blood and latitude mean that a raw vegan diet is not something he is adapted or suited to. After experiencing initial health gains Kurt’s energy plumeted. It is obvious because he no longer ate energy rich seafood and eggs but ate out of season vegetable carbohydrates shipped to him from Spain. Without the sun’s energy due to the colder Danish climate the majority of electrons available to Kurt were from food. If he was eating less energy rich food he would obviously have less energy. Kurt’s health suffered immensely until his 96 year old Grandmother called Dora sat him down and explained why he should revert back to how he was eating previously when he was healthy. This was also the way Dora ate and her relatives before her.

Maybe Kurt was listening to the wrong podcast. It is important to listen to all information with a questioning mind and desypher what is best for you, your gene type, your mitochondria, your lifestyle and your environment.

Another Filipino lady called Danah decided to go full on ketogenic (high fat) because she listened to what Jimmy Moore does in the US. With high energies from the sun in the Philippines quality green vegetable carbohydrate vegetables are readily available and needed. The sulphur and seasonal energy and information contained in these carbohydrates are necessary for Filipinos.

Well, Danah kept up with her high fat regime and soon gained the extra weight she initially lost. She became anxious, lacked energy and her skin started to break out.

Maybe Danah listened to the wrong podcast just like Kurt did? What your mitochondrial tissues (haplotype) are adapted and suited to does impact your overall health. Where you live and the seasons also matter.

If they had both listened to Dr. Jack Kruse, Kevin Cottrell, Aaron Alexander, Jodelle, Jason Prall and Dr. Stephenie Seneff they would have saved themselves a lot of time and money whilst achieving optimal health.

Food for thought?:

Hanging with the wrong crowd is not a good move obcviously.

Listening to, and investing in, the wrong advise is not good either. The consequences on our health can be devastating.

See the light:

Listen to your podcasts in the sun and outdoors in nature.

Did you know?:

Podcasts are free and easy to download?

Take action:

Just listen to this one from Dr. Stephenie to get you started:

Roundup Linked To Celiac and Autism: Interview With Stephanie Seneff

Then try this from Dr. Jack Kruse:


Or maybe this one from The Chief Life featuring me / Primed for your Life:


20 great books to read


  1. Epi-Paleo Rx by Dr. Jack Kruse
  2. In the Dark by Jason Bawden-Smith
  3. Sunlight by Zane Kime, MD
  4. The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday, PhD.
  5. The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack
  6. Health and Light by John Ott
  7. Earthing – The most important health discovery ever! by Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra & Martin Zucker
  8. Going Somewhere by Andrew Marino
  9. Disconnect – The truth about cell phone radiation by Devra Davis
  10. Overpowered by Martin Blank
  11. The Body Electric by Robert Becker & Gary Selden
  12. Cross Currents – The perils of electropollution by Robert Becker
  13. Dirty Electricity – Electrification and the diseases of civilization by Samuel Milham
  14. Shut your Mouth and Save your Life by George Caitlin
  15. Life on the Edge – The coming age of Quantum Biology
  16. Cosmosapiens – Human evolution from the origin of the universe by John Hands
  17. Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD
  18. Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis
  19. Unlocking the Habitcode by Mike Grogan
  20. Mission Happiness by Sha Nasino


My story:

The best book I read was Epi-Paleo Rx by Dr. Jack Kruse. I read it one summer whilst at the beach in Boracay. I noted the book and read it several times.

That book helped me to elevate my health from 8 / 10 to a 9.

That book inspired me to keep learning.

That book helped me to help more Primed client more thoroughly and faster.


Andy loved to read. Andy has a thrist for knowledge and self-improvement. His wife did not really have the same drive but was bored one day and started reading through one of the many fabulous books Andy had around the house.

One of these motivational books lit a spark in Andy’s wife and helped her to have a drive for self-improvement and continuous learning.

Andy and his wife were wise, energetic and cool Grandparents to their 6 Grandchildren even in their 90s.

Food for thought?:

When something stops growing it starts dieing.

See the light:

Sunlight helps things to grow. So, read your books in the sun whenever you can. Best to read from proper pages and not from a screen.

Did you know?:

What you learned today might not be true in 5 years from now? Our world is changing fast with increased environment pollutions. This is affecting our mitcohondria in very detrimental ways.

Stay resilliant by taking charge of your own health and keep learning. Become more aware of your environement and how it is impacting your body and brain.

Take action:

Read. Enjoy learning. Make it a goal to read and learn more.

Of course, have an open mind and do not believe all you read.

Remember, what might be great for a white guy in Denmark is probably not the same for an African on the equator.

“Reading books is like entering the minds of the authors and seeing things from their perspective. Isn’t that cool?” Author Sha Nacino.


About the author of this article:

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Following the protocols of Dr. Jack Kruse I have helped tens of thousands as a wellness coach. Cheers.

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