When was the last time you had a picnic?

I had a fabulous Primed picnic in Ortigas Park with Primed Mike.

The best picnics are with great people like Mike. Not with negative people / energy thieves.

Where was your best picnic? Where was it and with whom?

I love Mike. And Mary. And Marc. Great people with caring hearts.

I walked my 1.5km to Ortigas Park with bare feet. Nice. Extra energy from Mother Earth.

I walked there after running to and from visiting newly Primed Peter Guzman in BGC. Peter is a smart man about to become smarter, stronger, healthier and happier. His family too.

Mike and I loved our 3 course Primed meal of Primed Korean Frittata with atchara. We then loved our 4 month old Primed vegetable Kinilaw with sardines in olive oil and added pomelo. Then we finished with delicious Primed brownies.

Food is energy created by the sun. Food is sun energy and information. When you eat food in the sun you have even more energy.

Here is our beautiful view as we chatted, laughed, hugged, held hands (just jokes) and raised our dopamine.

The security guard in the park tried to tell us we could not have our picnic. Why? We offered him some Primed food and a hug. Then he left us alone to continue our picnic.

I am still amazed and shocked that the Philippines outlawed people being shirtless. Why? Your skin is a solar panel that needs the sun. Would you cover your solar panel with clothes, sunglasses or sunscreen?

Here’s the best place to have a picnic. Also at the beach.

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