Primed Angela is thriving and so glad she had the courage to make a change and adopt a fun Primed lifestyle (it is definitely not a diet).

Primed Angela is thriving and noticed:

(1) She no longer gets sick where as she used to get sick regularly before;

(2) Has no more constipation (you do not want your toiled system to be backed up!);

(3) No longer has period pain;

(4) Has a vastly improved immune system;

(5) Is reversing (possibly reversed already) PCOS;

(6) Is loving her brown skin and being morena;

(7) Sleeps so well;

(8) Has immensely improved energy levels;

(9) Has better thoughts and thought processes;

(10) Has improved mental clarity;

(11) Is more productive and creative at her work;

(12) Is attracting vibrant and energized people into her life and saying bye bye to energy vampires;

(13) Is proud of herself and her decision to adopt change and embark on her fun Primed journey;

(14) Is delights her Mum occasionally buys her deuterium depleted water;

(15) Is vibrant and has a wonderful aura;

(16) No longer has any stomach or digestion issues;

(17) Loves Primed organic vco which she buys from me regularly (thanks for your support Angela);

(18) Knows that Primed is a lifestyle that is natural and not fake. Knows that it is a lifestyle that will last a quality life time;

(19) Has gratitude for her journey. Is grateful for her past mistakes and even more grateful for a bright future full of energy and life; and

(20) Has peace of mind in the direction she is heading.

Angela is making the rest of her life the best of her life.

Cheers Angela.

It is my pleasure to be your wellness coach.

I am so grateful for you.



Angela went Primed because her friend Anna sat in on the first Primed seminar I conducted with Primed Rina.

Rina Reversed Type 2 Diabetes and told Angela that Primed “works”.

Want to go Primed and enjoy a fun lifestyle?


primedforyourlife (skype)

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